about saturday…


This saturday was a very exciting day for me!
K3 is looking for the new K3, and I signed up and got invited tot the first audition-round!!
First of all, for those of you who are not from Belgium or The Netherlands: K3 is a girl band who make music for kids, have there own tv show and star in movies and musicals.
And me being someone who really loves kids, to sing and dance and K3… I couldn’t resist to apply!

This audition needed to be well prepared: act a one-minute-monologue and sing your favorite K3 song acapella was the assignment. I took a half day off on friday to rehearse! 🙂

But for me this didn’t only mean repeating my monologue and song (over and over again) but it also meant: what shall I wear?! K3 is all about the happy-colourful-vibe so I needed an outfit that said all that!

I dove into my closet and after some careful consideration this is what I chose:

image (2)
top: h&m | jeans-shirt: Strawberry (NY) | pants: Zara | Sneakers: Dockers | headband: Suiteblanco |sunglasses: Primark

The blue and pink matches really well, and the flower-sneakers and headband where the details that made the outfit complete! 🙂

And then it was saturday!
I needed to be at the vtm studio’s at 8 in the morning (way too early!) and was really excited!

After filling out some paperwork, it quickly was my turn to convince the judges!

image (12)

So now I have to wait for that e-mail that will tell me if I go through to the next round! (or not) 🙂
THUMBS UP everyone!!
I can’t say: keep you guys posted, because from now on I can’t really say anything anymore (signed a contract).

But when the time is right, you’ll hear what happened. 😉

hartje miniEvy
outfit details:

image (6)
image (9)     image (10)
image (13)


14 thoughts on “about saturday…

  1. Wat leuk dat je auditie gedaan hebt! Wat je aan had is sowieso echt heel leuk, dus daar kan het nooit aan gelegen hebben als er wat fout zou gaan. Maar! Ik denk dat je door bent naar de volgende ronde 🙂


  2. Super spannend! Wat leuk! Al zal K3 voor mij nooit K3 meer zijn! Zo jammer! Baal ook nog steeds dat de M-kids gestopt zijn! Diehard fan hier!


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