a pineapple a day keeps the doctor away


To celebrate the birthday of my blog (ohhh yeah! Online for a full week 😉 ) I want to share my addiction for this spring/summer: pineapple!
I love it when fashion meets food (read about my Danone treat at the bottom) 😉 and nowadays pineapples are everywhere!
Not only are they my favorite fruit, but they’re a fashion statement as well! Is it because they’re so sweet? Is it because of their funky shape? Is it because of the pretty yellow and green combination? It’s all of those reasons… Pineapples are the way to go!

A good friend of mine introduced me to Flossy and my new favorite pair of shoes!

image (7)
These beauties are never leaving my side again! 😉 I ordered them online at Torfs and after a few days they got delivered in the store of my choice. When I went to pick them up, I opened the box and the saleslady and I were amazed… Not only do they look so pretty, they also smell like pineapples and candy! I have never met a brand that has scented shoes! And honestly? It’s absolutely amazing!

Here’s the outfit I chose to wear with my fab new flats:

image (6)
top: Even&Odd  | pants: h&m |flats: Flossy | necklace & sunglasses: Primark

Here are some of my few favorite pineapple-items in stores today:
(click on a picture to find out where to shop these items!)

bershka  bershka2  forever 21 (2) jbc2  hmprod  
hmprod (12)  hmprod (9)  hmprod (8)

stradivarius  stradivarius 2
hmprod (4) hmprod (3)
Of course they don’t only make these items for adults!
Check out this little fashionista and my best friend Emma rockin’ her pineapple shirt from h&m:

       image (9)  image (10)  image (11)

So on another note: this week I received a very special delivery from Danone! And because I love pineapple this was the perfect gift!
Vitalinea specializes in 0% fat yoghurt, so it’s not only healthy it’s also delicious! YUM! 🙂
I got to try this new star in there range: Vitalinea + Pineapple! And I absolutely love it!

image (4)

image (3)  image
Thank you Danone! Always a pleasure, always a treat!

hartje miniEvy



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