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Yesterday was a really exciting day! I’ll tell you why 😉
Photo 20-05-15 18 11 17
My colleagues have signed me up for auditions for “The Voice”.
You can imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox last week to find I had an invitation for the first audition-round for the new season!
They invited me to the Medialaan headquarters. I had to be there may 20th at 6 pm and I had to prepare a song. (duration: 60 sec)

For me this instantly meant: STRESS! 🙂 Of course I love to sing, and I would really want to make it to the blind auditions but… am I good enough? To find me a song to sing didn’t take really long. Not only do I love to sing, I also love to rap! (yeah that’s right : RAP! 😉 )
So I chose to do Billionaire by Bruno Mars ft. Travie McCoy.
This is one of my all time favorites: the perfect combination of both singing and rapping. And it’s a fun and happy song! I’ve been singing this one for a while now, and I kinda made my own rendition of Travie’s rap.

Of course it also meant: what am I going to wear? It were only first auditions, but I knew they would be taped and I wanted to look nice! (you never know if it maybe affects my audition 😉 ) I put some thought into it, and I decided to wear all black. Not also is this always a good choice, it’s also slimming… that’s always good, right? 😉
(the camera always adds 10 pounds they say… I can’t really afford that haha!)
I found this beautiful top at ZEB by Astrid Black Label, sleeveless and with a leather collar.
Simple yet fashionable!
I combined it with my black skinny jeans and of course my Chucks.
PS: If you haven’t checked out Astrid Bryan‘s Astrid Black Label-collection, you really should!
Top: Astrid Black Label by ZEB | jeans: h&m | sneakers: Chuck Taylor by Converse Photo 20-05-15 18 13 10 Photo 20-05-15 18 13 17

So after a few days of practicing it finally was Wednesday! My friend Kim was also auditioning, so we went together. (for support and all ;-)) When we arrived we found this chair in the hallway and we simply couldn’t resist…Photo 20-05-15 16 13 08

I was up first, and I was really nervous! The audition room wasn’t really big, and besides the spotlights, a camera and a mic there were 4 judges at the table. One of them was Jos van Oosterwyck! (if you’re not from Belgium you should know: this guy is important!) So after a few basic questions (who am I, my age and which number I chose) it was time to sing! I hope it went well… I was nervous so it wasn’t my best version, but I think it was “okay”. 🙂
I’ll be hearing if I go through to the next round at the end of June! ( that’s a long wait, I know!)

Today the judges for this season were announced: a newcomer to the table is the one and only:
Bart Peeters!
Also Natalia is back after being “out” last season, bye bye Axelle Red!! #sorrynotsorry
And of course I’m happy to say: Bent Van Looy and Koen Wauters are again completing this team of judges.
IF I would make it to the blind auditions,  and IF I had the choice who do you think I should choose?
(feel free to leave a comment)


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