Life is too short to wear boring clothes


This week I want to talk about another fashion-addiction of mine! Besides sneakers and pineapples I also adore “statement-fashion”.
Say what? Well you’ve definitely seen it everywhere you go: t-shirts, tops, sweaters, bags,… with a quote or a statement. Something funny, wise or a bit weird it’s all good! 🙂
This season (and I bet the next ones too) it’s all about who has the funniest, coolest, sweetest,… statement item.
I love the casual character, so combined with jeans and sneakers this makes the perfect outfit for me!
I like them the most in black and white (as you will notice), but honestly you can make a statement in any colour. 😉

These are a few statement items in my personal collection:
IMG_3237  IMG_3234
actors: Primark | Uptown funk: Primark | Damn kitty cat: h&m | Disney: Primark | No fool: h&m
IMG_3235  IMG_3233
Famous: h&m | Très happy: Even&Odd by Zalando | #lifeisaparty: Dimitri Wouters merchandise | Say it loud: Zara | Happiness: C&A | Chance: C&A
As a cat-lover, I simly needed to have these:
Un chat mignon: Even&Odd by Zalando

One of my favorites is the #lifeisaparty-tee by Dimitri Wouters! As a DJ he always brings the party with him everywhere he goes, and let’s be honest: life really IS a party, right?!
Today the countdown to a new project (a new #lifeisaparty-collection?!) was announced!
I’m so excited and looking forward to this!
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And last but not least… as a real Justin Timberlake fan (#sorrynotsorry) this one had to be in my closet:
Pusher love girl-tee: Justin Timberlake merchandise

These are few of my favorite statement t-shirts in stores at this moment:
(click on the image to find out where to shop)

hmprod (1)hmprod (10)hmprod (2)  hmprod   for3  for2  zara3  stra3mango6a    mango1
I’ve actually found over 50 items I really liked… but to put them all up here would be just a little too much right? 😉
If you’re looking for a new statement-shirt I would advise you to check out Zara, H&M, Mango, Stradivarius, etc,…
These days you find them anywhere! Happy shopping 😉

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