In Clouds Of Fashion with Odette Lunettes


Today I was introduced to the wonderful world of Odette Lunettes and went to the Clouds Of Fashion late night shopping event! (read more about this event at the bottom)

Odette Lunettes, c’est quoi? Well, the wonderful and amazing Eline de Munck is not only a singer, (voice)actress and tv-host she’s also an awesome designer! She designed the most beautiful, cool and trendy (unisex) glasses you’ve ever seen!
Today was the official launch and also opening of the Odette Lunettes temporary store at Meir 40 (Antwerp).
Photo 28-05-15 13 24 59 (1)
During my lunch break I couldn’t get there fast enough! When I talked to Eline she was very nice, as always, and she told me how she has been wearing glasses since she was 15. This collection is something she stands for with passion. She was part of creating this line from A to Z, from development to production. If you wear an Odette Lunettes you really wear a piece of Eline.
IMG_3553 IMG_3558
“The philosophy behind my brand is simple: trendy, fun, fashionable and affordable glasses. This way you don’t have to wear the same glasses for 5 years. You can add an Odette Lunettes to your collection, this way you have a refreshing change, the needed variation and you’re always trendy!” (translated from the press files)
IMG_3557 IMG_3559
There are 7 different usisex models (glasses/sunglasses), all named after a personage from a movie or series known for their glasses:

Supertramp – Finch – Blatch – Hunsecker – Cutler – Twombly – Fletcher

My personal favorite is Blatch! I need new glasses so these are going to be my new ones!
IMG_3551 IMG_3552
You can buy the entire collection online or visit the pop-up store until June 7, don’t miss out!
IMG_3560 IMG_3554
You can also find Odette Lunettes on instagram, twitter and facebook.

After work I headed to the Nationalestraat (Antwerp) for the Clouds Of Fashion late night shopping event! (that’s a mouth full 😉 ) The lovely Laurentine is building her empire faster than anyone ever did! From a blog, making her own little collection, pop-up store, the first store at the Melkmarkt (Antwerp) to this fabulous store at the Nationalestraat in a short amount of time! And who knows where this will end? 😉
Busy or not, she’s always there to welcome you with a smile!
Take a look at the new beautiful windows:
IMG_3566 IMG_3565
I tried on this maxi dress and this blue summer coat:
IMG_3562 IMG_3564
I chose to buy the coat, because besides my pretty pink summercoat I don’t really have an other (trendy) summercoat 🙂
Here’s a small selection of my other favorite items, because honestly I love EVERYTHING!
IMG_3574 IMG_3573 IMG_3572 IMG_3571 IMG_3570 IMG_3567 IMG_3568 IMG_3569
When you visit Antwerp make sure you visit the store at Nationalestraat 79. And guess what? Of course there’s a webshop where you can also find the entire collection 😉 Happy shopping!!
At the register I got this beautiful pineapple (!!!) necklace as a present! Suits my pineapple addiction very well 😉
Thanks a lot Laurentine!

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