Hello summer, we’ve missed you!


I’ve been “out” this week due to serious neck-problems.
Although I’m still in pain, after a week of silence I really wanted to share my first summer outfit with you.
Yesterday was the first really hot day of the year. After laying down in bed for a few days I got up, got dressed and went to a family BBQ at my parents house. Since I can’t drive with my neck-problems my lovely parents came all the way here to pick me up! (aren’t they the sweetest?!)

So here are yesterday’s essentials:

IMG_3931 IMG_3926
top: Zara | jeans-shirt: Strawberry (NY)
IMG_3925 IMG_3930
shorts: h&m | sandals: Primark
headband: Suiteblanco | sunglasses: StyleRepertoire

IMG_3932 IMG_3933
As you’ve probably noticed, these sunnies are all over instagram! they really are the it-item for this summer!
From high-fashion brands as Dior to more budget-friendly brands, they all have this one in their collection.
I ordered mine at StyleRepertoire. Apart from the great service, they were also delivered within a few days! Looking for a budget-friendly way to be up to date with this summer trend? Go check them out!

hartje miniEvy


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