#lifeisaparty – by Dimitri Wouters


Life is a party! And if there’s one person who truly embodies this it’s Dimitri Wouters
Remember when I told you he was up to something? 😉
Finally the wait is over…

Well here it is: A very exclusive one week pop-up #lifeisaparty webshop!
Say what?! You can shop your very own #lifeisaparty t-shirt or sweater right now!
With the upcoming festival season (or just to wear it on a daily base) this is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe 😉
But hurry because when he says exclusive, he means exclusive… the pop-up webshop is online for only one week!
You have until wednesday june 17, 6PM to order your one of a kind, made with love, tee or sweater.

My personal favorites:
lifeisaparty_z_w049_st_trips_dark-heather-denim_0-440x600 lifeisaparty_1_heather-grey-440x600
lifeisaparty_z_w006_st_loves2_white_1-440x600 lifeisaparty_dark-heither-denim_1-440x600
If only I could order that guy as well… haha 😉 

IF you are doubting to order (although I couldn’t see why you would?) here’s me wearing my very own #lifeisaparty tee from the previous collection at Tomorrowland! #perfectfestivaloutfit
PS: if you want a 10% discount just share your order on fb at the checkout… happy shopping!
And remember make everyday a happy day because…

hartje miniEvy


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