baptism of my godchild Marie

Sunday june 14th 2015
❤ The baptism of my youngest godchild Marie ❤
My best friend in the whole wide world, Sofie, chose me to be the godmother of her 2nd daughter Marie.
For me this was the greatest, most beautiful honor she could give me!
Our little angel was born on October 19th 2014
IMG_5368 IMG_5065
So this sunday we celebrated her baptism. I’m a girl of traditions, so the baptism of Marie was very special to me!
For my outfit I chose to take my beautiful lace maxi skirt by Hollister out of the closet 😉
IMG_5592 IMG_5593
blazer & top: Zara | maxi skirt: Hollister | sandals: Primark
IMG_5602 IMG_5591
clutch: Primark | as for jewelry I only wore my favorite necklace from Jacqueline & Compote   
IMG_4901 IMG_4902
Here are some highlights of the baptism:
IMG_5070 IMG_5068
My beautiful best friend Sofie and our little star Marie | Holding our hands above Marie as a sign of protection
IMG_5196 IMG_5195
The baptism | Emma asking the priest if it was finally time to go to the afterparty 😉
IMG_5067 IMG_5369
Reading a blessing for little Marie | the official signing of the register
After the ceremony of course we had a lovely afternoon celebrating!

These girls are my all, my world, my life, my family… my love for them is indescribable ❤
Probably the first 8 months old babygirl who masters the duckface already 😉

Sorry for spamming you guys with all these pictures, but always remember family is the most important thing in life! Cherish every moment spend together ❤ #choosehappiness
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