travel in style with Lipault Paris


– If traveling was free, you’d never see me again –
Lipault_Paris_Belmodo_shoot  Lipault_Paris_Belmodo_shoot.2

“How to travel in style? With Lipault Paris of course! The colourful travelbags and hip and trendy suitcases from Lipault Paris are your ideal partner for a fashionable getaway!
Win a styling by Tiany Kiriloff and a photoshoot with your favorite Lipault Paris travel set!”
So this was how Belmodo headlined their contest! How could anyone not get excited?!
The girl with the most likes on her instagram picture afterwards would actually win the set in her picture!
One of my best friends Loes won this contest and she chose me to come with here, how sweet is that?!
IMG_6403 IMG_7311
Tiany and her team gave us a very warm welcome at the Trunk & Co shop in Antwerp City.
IMG_6687 IMG_6685
I chose to wear my flower dress and Stan Smith sneakers to match the colourful suitcases.
After a touch of make up, Tiany explained what this french brand Lipault Paris is all about:
Travel in style with handy but fashionable and affordable bags and suitcases!
we had a little chat and chose the bags we would use in our pictures.
IMG_6688 IMG_7309
Tiany and I chose this lovely yellow-pink-lavender combination, oh how I wish they were mine!
Then it was time to shoot 😉
IMG_6372 IMG_6375
IMG_6699 IMG_6693
loes IMG_6703
We had so much fun… And fell in love with tis yellow bag 😉 ❤
IMG_7313 IMG_6704 (2)
IMG_6698 IMG_7310
Thank you Tiany and Belmodo for having us and for the wonderful Lipault Paris goodybag!

Loes and I didn’t win the competition but we had so much fun 😉
so thanks again for choosing me to go with you hun! ❤
And for every fashionista who wants to travel in style:
find your Lipault Paris bags and suitcases at the trunk & Co shop in Antwerp City!

hartje miniEvy


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