Jack Rocks!


I got invited to the Jack Rocks pre-Pukkelpop event at the Chaplins salon & barbershop last week in Antwerp city.
Well that’s a mouth full right? 😉
IMG_0319 IMG_0317
Well Jack Daniel’s is hosting a barbershop, whiskey-bar and photo studio (where you can show off your best air guitar moves ;-)) on a few of the best Belgian festivals this summer!
And because Pukkelpop is one of THE festivals to attend every year, Jack Daniel’s decided to throw a warming up  event last week.
At the Chaplins salon and barbershop we could get a taste of the Jack Rocks festival vibe.

When we arrived we were immediately treated a Jack Daniels Whiskey – cola, YUM! 😉
The lovely people of the press agency also told us about the blogger-competition to win tickets for the Pukkelpop festival! Mission? Take a cool picture at the event and post it on instagram with #jackrocks.
Here’s the picture I chose to enter the competition:
It has that #jackrocks rock & roll kinda vibe, no? 😉 #thumbsup

Chaplins salon & babershop was actually an amazing choice of venue because the atmosphere in there is so right!
They have the coolest interior and you can find Jack Daniel’s attributes throughout the whole barbershop.
IMG_0322 IMG_0312
IMG_0315 IMG_0313IMG_0311 IMG_0309
A real fun part of this evening was to finally meet a few other Antwerp based bloggers!
We had so much fun!!! 😉
IMG_0106 IMG_0077
You should definitely check out these people’s instagram and blogs : Lore from blogging the beautiful, Dries from driesvriesacker.com, Margot from life on sneakers, Jonathan from Jon the gold and Anne-Catherine from CLO CLO
IMG_0323 IMG_0324
Yet again it was another wonderful evening in Antwerp city…

hartje miniEvy



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