Jolies Affaires

last Sunday I was invited to “Jolies Affaires”.
A little market all about hand made products organised by Elke (Mademoiselke), Laura (Lilly Rose) and Emilie (Mamzel Emilie).
So today I want to talk about my two favorite shops at Jolies Affaires.
first of all of course: Mademoiselke!
Apart from being a wonderful person Elke is also very creative and as Mademoiselke she sells beautiful hand made jewelry! Everything your heart desires: she can make it 😉
IMG_1615 IMG_1655
Elke really thought about what her concept and theme was going to be when she started Mademoiselke.
The black, white and pink in combination with cute dots make her really stand out. Everything is well curated and thought through: from her business cards, the gift boxes to the decoration of her market stall… everything matches!
IMG_1617 IMG_1619
these were some my favorite items:
IMG_1660 IMG_1658
I couldn’t chose between these two…
IMG_1656 IMG_1614
But after careful consideration I chose the ones on the right, they suit me very well!
If you want to check out the entire collection check out her facebook-page.
Ps: you can also choose to put together your own jewelry to match your personal taste 😉

Second of all I want to introduce you to: Lilly Rose.
Laura Rose is the driving force behind this cute shop!
And if you are looking for beautiful hand made baby-related stuff: this is the place to go!
She hand-makes everything herself, and you can choose between so many patterns it’s almost impossibly to only choose one 😉
IMG_1662 IMG_1667 IMG_1666 IMG_1665
These birthdays crowns are absolutely amazing! You can also turn them inside out and you can choose buttons to go with it. Honestly I would even want to wear one on my birthday 😉
IMG_1668 IMG_1664
bow-ties, bibs, blankets, buttons, furniture, … you name it: she makes it!
Definitely worth to check out her facebook-page.

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