Morning Maker at Maurice coffee & knits

Last friday I went to the first edition of Morning Maker!
Morning Maker is a pre-work party in Antwerp, created by the more than wonderful Veronique Leysen.
She got her inspiration in New York where they’ve been having pre-work party’s for over 1,5 years now.
Since then this popular concept has been picked up in the hottest cities all over the world like San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and many more.
IMG_1989 IMG_1984
Morning Maker wants to do things a little bit different:
“In New York this type of events have been trending for a while, they’re known with the concept of pre-work party’s. They go by the name “Day Breaker”, we made our own version: “Morning Maker“. The difference is we have yoga, we have a big healthy breakfast, jazz-music and afterwards a DJ. We make a smooth and gentle transition from waking up with yoga to a party with a DJ. In New York they immediately start off with a party.” – Veronique Leysen (interview with ATV-news)
The first edition was held at Maurice coffee & knits at the ground-floor of the KBC-tower in Antwerp.
With over 200 inscriptions it’s safe to say: this was a huge succes!
IMG_1970 IMG_1964
So what was Morning Maker about?
“With Morning Maker we choose for a healthy spin on the pre-work party, zen and feel-good! This starts with an hour of yoga at the top floor of the KBC-tower. This way you get the amazing 360 degrees view on Antwerp as a great extra.” – Veronique Leysen (interview with GVA)
I’m honestly not that type of morning person, so I skipped yoga. I heared from my sporty-spice (blogger)-friends it was amazing! So I’m considering to maybe suck it up next time and just do it 😉
Check out this beautiful picture of blogger Amélie De Rycke (
“Afterwards there’s a luxury breakfast with healthy foods and drinks where everybody sits together at one big table. In the meanwhile there’s a jazz-band playing.”  – Veronique Leysen (interview with GVA)
So about that breakfast… the least I can say is: it was amazing!
IMG_1972 IMG_1976
The people of Maurice left nothing to chance, it was delicious!
IMG_1978 IMG_1986
The guys of JazzDelivery made my day by playing my favorite jazz-tunes and creating a wonderful zen atmosphere.
JazzDelivery is an easy-going, hip collective of jazz musicians that play live music the way you like it. Some people like it loud, some people like it soft. With JazzDelivery you choose what YOU want.” (bio)
Apart from the yoga, breakfast, music and great atmosphere Morning Maker also made sure you could go to work all glammed up.
Starting with Miss Glam at Heart Elfi de Bruyn herself! As the writer of Happy Nails, Happy Nails 2 and a new book Happy Heart in stores later this year, this lady is truly an inspiration. With her concept TAROT & NAILS Elfi brightened up our morning for sure!
“I often pick a Tarot card myself, once every week or 2. Purely based on feeling, and I use this as an insight on my life. Sort of like a quote but I choose my own interpretation, mostly it’s something I already knew or is brought to my attention again in playful way. Then I use my nail polish as a color boost. Color works therapeutically and you look at your nails every day! It’s a reminder of the message the Tarot card gave you and what you’re doing with it.” – Elfi de Bruyn
IMG_1991 IMG_1994
So when you pick a card, you get a message and Elfi translates your feeling about that message into nail art for you!
I didn’t have enough time to have my nails done but Elfi let me pick a Tarot card anyway.
I picked the card “the lovers”… when I read what this was all about I must say:
some things were spot on!
I’ll just keep this a secret between Elfi and me, sorry! 😉
IMG_1993 IMG_1992
You could also get your make up or hair done by the one and only Nanja Massy of Massy Creations.
When you read Nanja‘s bio on her website you immediately know: this is a natural talent! 
IMG_1967 IMG_1968
“That’s how I started Massy Creations, purely based on interest and passion without any study background. It was only ’till I started to get many bookings I enrolled myself at the Antwerp Beauty-school for a course to become an all round make up artist. I also had additional training in hair styling.” – Nanja Massy (bio)
Last but not least I want to tell you a bit more about Maurice coffee & knits.
In a nutshell: It’s a coffee-bar where not only you can have the best coffee’s in town, you can also follow knitting workshops to make your very own Maurice knitwear! Make sure to visit the Maurice coffee & knits website to discover all about this concept.
IMG_1982 IMG_1983
So this was it, for me Morning Maker was a great success and I’ll make sure I’ll be there next time as well!
Special thanks to Elfi for the invitation ❤

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2 thoughts on “Morning Maker at Maurice coffee & knits

  1. zaaalig!! gij waart daar. Ik heb het helemaal gemist. Ik kwam van een trouwfeest in Waterloo ( en verder) dus helaaas. Maar leuk om te lezen dat het leuk was .

    Nice post! 😉

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    Greets Jon


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