The beauty department by H&M

Yesterday it was finally there… the launch of the new H&M beauty department!
H&M announced an update of her beauty department a while ago. Stating their collection would not longer only exist out of a wider range of make-up and make-up accessories. But also out of Hair- and body products, which were added. Everything would get a luxurious update and would be available in selected stores starting from September 10th.
The collection will be updated every season, there will be limited editions and, like with the fashion collection, there will be a conscious range as well with more sustainable products.
So as you would expect yesterday after work I rushed to the H&M store at the Meir (Antwerp) to discover the new  beauty department. I’ve already seen a few things online so I was really excited to see everything in real life.

The beauty department in this store is located in the back of the home department and looks amazing! You walk straight into beauty heaven. 😉
IMG_2767 IMG_2760 IMG_2768 IMG_2765
From your eyes, face, nails to your hair & entire body… you will find everything you need  to spoil yourself. Also there’s a wide range of accessories like Eyelash-curlers, brushes, make-up bags, hairbrushes,… you name it, you find it! And, if you ask me, at a very reasonable price!
Here’s what I bought:
As you can see I haven’t bought the whole range (yet), because I’m always on a shopping budget. If I wouldn’t set myself a budget I would be broke 😉 but lucky me, I have a birthday coming up so a few of these H&M beauty-items definitely will be on my birthday-wishlist!
IMG_2785 IMG_2784
Everything I bought yesterday was already put to the test today. The eye-shadows and blush are beautiful but what surprised me the most is the nail polish! Good (budget friendly) nail polish is hard to find but these are absolutely amazing! Colors in the pictures natural linen (left) & bijoux (right)

Last but not least here are H&M’s 5 steps for perfect make-up (sorry, it was only available in dutch)
5 stappen
(copyright H&M)
everything available in selected Belgian stores: Antwerp, Wijnegem, Gent, Brugge, Brussel, Luik & Namen and of course online at

hartje mini


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