“Starting a business isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.”
elfi 1

This is how Miss Glam at Heart, Elfi de Bruyn herself, started her presentation at PopUpClass in Antwerp.
Elfi is one wonderful stubborn woman who decided to be the baddest unicorn in the whole freakin’ galaxy! She was invited to PopUpClass to talk about her inspiring story. Honest as always she announced that dreams and glitters go hand in hand with darkness. There will be dark days, tears and times you want to give up. But then again… she never did! She started Glam at Heart years ago as one of the first blogs, more with the intention of being a journal. Inspired by all things that sparkle: rainbows, cupcakes and unicorns she created her own litte (dream)world.

elfi 2“In a society where it’s difficult to survive/live, I searched for something to hold on to. By letting go what the outside world told me, I was able to create my own world.”

She quit her job and added a webshop to Glam at Heart with all kinds of cool cupcakes/sparkly/girly stuff. Once she realized that her cool webshop couldn’t hold it up against the big retailers, who were also selling all this cool stuff she decided she had to stop her shop.
The tough cookie she is, she decided to focus on an other passion: nailart! Many book-publishers where skeptical about the idea of a book about nailart. But she pushed through and Happy Nails was born!
elfi 3
This book was such a huge succes (hello bestseller!) it was also published in The Netherlands, Germany, France and oh yeah even in Sweden! From then on the journey continued like a rollercoaster: An own nailpolish-collection at The Body Shop, a second book: Happy Nails 2, the “happy decals” collaboration/collections with Eva Mouton, releasing http://www.dreamdrop.be,… and another “baby” on the way: her new book “Happy Heart” will be released next year.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

I can imagine you thinking okay this is SO COOL, but besides that… why are you sharing this with us?
To be honest, I needed to hear Elfi‘s talk to remind myself about my dreams, darkness and glitters. Because right now I’m dealing with my own darkness.
I followed my dream by starting my blog, I had so much fun by going to events and meeting wonderful people but for a few week now I’ve been a bit down (there’s that darkness).
You might have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much as I normally do for some time now.
Doubting myself in every way: as a person, as a friend, as an employee, as a blogger…
And for a split second I even decided I would quit blogging!
And then… there’s Elfi ,who to me has always been an inspiration, sharing her advice with me and the world:
♥ believe in yourself, stay yourself
♥ fuck imperfections
♥ expect good  but especially bad days
♥ don’t be afraid to fail, learn from your mistakes
♥ be prepared to work hard
♥ trust your gut feeling, and always (as in: ALWAYS) stay true to your heart
♥ choose your partners in crime with care, surround yourself with positive people (and sometimes with the “naysayers”, just to motivate yourself even more!) and value true friendship.
♥ and last but not least:
elfi 4

and you know what? That’s exactly what I’m fucking (pardon my language) gonna do!
I’m not perfect, and I’ll never will be… and you know what? That’s okay! 🙂
Because I am me, I am unique and I do have lot’s to offer. I’m not saying from now on it’s only dreams and glitters, I’m saying I’m embracing the darkness. Because that’s what you have to do in order to grow as a person.
So this is my new mantra:
elfi 5
Thank you Elfi! For being you, for sharing your story, and for adding that sparkle to my life!

hartje mini

PS: this is what happens when Elfi is in the building 😉
(picture on the left)


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