#myvitabreak launch


okay so I got some really exciting news!
On Saturday Danone and it’s brand Vitalinea Plus launched their project: #myvitabreak.
And guess what? That’s right: I’m in their team of bloggers who will participate during the entire month of November. YAY!! 🙂
So about Saturday!
We were invited to Coffeelabs in Antwerp for the launch, a lunch and workshops.
The invitation was more than promising so as you can imagine I was really excited to go!

Of course at Coffeelabs nothing was left to the coincidence. The entire floor was decorated with inspirational quotes! This immediately got us curious and excited about what was about to come…
IMG_6160 IMG_6159
We were welcomed by Danone and Walkie Talkie, the press agency that has put this campaign together.
We got all the information we were waiting for during a presentation (even some inside scoops!), and we were handed a “survival kit” . Inside this kit were four shopping-bags (one for each week) with the quotes we found all around us printed on it. Inside these bags we found: goodies, tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle.
We all took the challenge and will participate in this healthy project for the next four weeks!
IMG_6168 IMG_6083
Keep an eye on my blog!
Each week I will unpack one of the bags and I will try to follow all the tips/tricks/challenges I find inside.
And of course I will report all my experiences 😉 since I’m not “miss healthy”, this will be quite the adventure!
But I’m ready… I think 😉

hartje mini



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