#myvitabreak – week one

helloTomorrow I start the #myvitabreak – challenge for four weeks.
So I got to open my “week one – goodiebag” today and I found out what this week has in store for me.
IMG_6223 IMG_6249
inside the goodiebag I found a few things:

IMG_6230 IMG_6225
An envelope with coupons, an envelope with daily challenges, a pedometer, 3 cactus plants and a bottle for infused water! 🙂 It’s immediately clear: for me this really is going to be a challenge! I’m not Sporty Spice, neither do I drink a lot of water so I’m curious how this is going to turn out.
I installed the cactus plants in my living room, next to an inspiring quote, to keep me motivated 😉
So, no more excuses! Healthy life, here I come!
Here’s what this weeks challenges look like:
Is it weird I’m particularly interested in Saturday? 😉
Follow me on Instagram during the week to find out more about the daily challenges and read my review about the upcoming week on my blog next Saturday. (after nap time of course 😉 )
hartje mini


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