#myvitabreak – how did week one went and what does week two looks like?


week one is almost done!
I hit a few speed bumps this week… here’s how it went:
I started a day early, since we were supposed to start on Monday.
But this challenge was perfect for last Sunday! I celebrated my birthday with my best friends and their kids 🙂 we had a lovely afternoon/evening and had a spaghetti-party for dinner 😉
This was an easy challenge since we had so much fun I didn’t even have a problem putting my phone away! I only used it for taking pictures, that counts as offline, right? 😉

IMG_6402 IMG_6428
On monday my girlfriends and I went to Primark in Eindhoven (Holland).
And I took my bottle of infused water with me! I used lemon and mint for my first try out.
It was good, but I’m more of a sweet tooth. So the next days I used pineapple. YUM!
Drink more water? Check! 🙂
On Tuesday I went to the Antwerp book fair and bought a book.
This book by Eva Daeleman, what is now know as my new favorite one, is so inspiring! 

So: go to bed one hour early, put your phone away and read a book? Check! 🙂
On Wednesday my best friend got married and I was her maid of honor. ❤
It was a small ceremony at their city hall with their best friends and family.
The “big” wedding with a church ceremony and a wedding party will be held in a few years.
The Wednesday-challenge wasn’t possible to do. I couldn’t eat vegetables, nuts or a Vitalinea Plus during the day and we had a family-dinner in the evening. I did take my bottle of infused-pineapple-water with me all day! 🙂
IMG_6486  IMG_6547
Thursday’s challenge was to take our cute little plants with us to work to install them at our desk to brighten it up. And to take our bike to go to work, or to go by foot… it didn’t happen. I got sick 😦 So instead I stayed in bed all day 😦 I did take up Wednesday’s challenge and ate carrots and a Vitalinea Plus as healthy snacks.
On Friday the challenge was to take your pedometer with you and take the stairs, take an extra long walk,… and try to get 10 000 steps. Again: this did not happen 😦 I hope I feel better tomorrow (Sunday) so maybe I can talk a long walk in the park. I could use some fresh air for sure!
This is what this week looked like in one picture! 🙂 It was a success the days I could really participate, so I hope next week I can kick some ass by following up all challenges of week 2!
IMG_6541 IMG_6539
So: week 2 here I come! I opened my new goodie bag today and this is what I found inside:
IMG_6535 IMG_6537
As you can see on the left the wrapping was kinda mysterious, I really did just open it today!
(I didn’t want to ruin the surprise) And on the right you can see what was inside these paper bags.
The pink thing on the left is to put inside the jar to make a partition in the jar that’s on the right.
The green funny thing is for drinking tea! 🙂
It seems I’ll be eating a salad in a jar for lunch and I’ll be drinking some tea this week 😉
This is what this weeks challenges look like!
If you want to join me check out the Vitalinea website every day for more information about the daily challenge and let me know if you do 🙂
And now time for today’s challenge: nap time!!! 😉
hartje mini


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