#myvitabreak week two – a lot happened!

helloweek two: done!
Again I hit a few speed bumps this week… I’ll tell you all about it 🙂
On Sunday I took the challenge to go offline to the park.
With my book and camera I spent a lovely sunny afternoon… just me, myself, the book & camera.

Having a healthy breakfast is always a challenge to me. In the mornings I’m always in a rush so I don’t take time to have breakfast at home. Usually I try to take breakfast with me to work. I love the crunchy apple muesli from Delhaize, together with a Vitalinea Plus and a piece of fruit (also apples in this case) this is a very tasty breakfast!
On Tuesday I hit my first speed bump. I got a 2nd degree burn on my right hand 😦 This happened at work with a bowl of boiling soup. I spent my afternoon in the emergency room. When I finally got home I wasn’t in the mood to have tea since staying away from hot water was probably the best thing I could do that day. Normally I love having tea, so this challenge will be taken on the next days/weeks.
IMG_6826 IMG_6848
On Wednesday I had my 6 month blog celebration (hooray! 😉 ).
Staying offline wasn’t really an option during the daytime, celebrating and all. 😉
In the evening I had a lovely dinner at my friends house, “Cookameal offline home made burger night” for the win! We also celebrated my birthday since they were out of town at that time.
I had a lovely evening and got some very cool presents! ❤ #luckyme
On Thursday I said YES to craziness! I finally ordered this pair of sneakers on top of my wishlist 😉
I found a 15% discount on Adidas in my mailbox so I just couldn’t say no!
On Friday and Saturday there were speed bumps again.
The challenge on Friday was to work out with friends.
Since my hand was still not healed I didn’t feel like working out and I took the time to have dinner with one of my best friends. We had some catching up to do! On Saturday my/our world stood still for a moment. Watching the news and seeing these images of pure cruelty overwhelmed me.
I was in no state to think of anything else than the innocent people who suffered that Friday night.
“I see humans but no humanity.”
I got this key chain from my good friend Amylia a few years ago and kept it with me ever since. She was the one who was out of town on my birthday, visiting Paris with her husband. The mere thought of the possibility it could have been them if this happened a week or two ago brought tears to my eyes.
“I’m not praying for Paris, since religion is exactly what caused this. Instead I send out love…
For I hope to believe that love will conquer.” ❤ #jesuisparis
On Saturday evening my dear friend Annabelle had a birthday drink at her place.
Getting together with your loved ones/friends/family is what we all need to do and we need to do it more often!
We had such a nice evening… Until me and my best friend drove home and had a car accident.
We’re both fine and not injured except for me have back- and neck-pain.
My car on the other hand is in lesser shape.
So Sunday was for sleeping! Since I only had a few hours of sleep and I was so tired,
this was the perfect challenge!
But, life goes on and I have to keep on smiling. So on that note: up to week three! 🙂
This is what the challenges this week look like:
And these are the tools I found in this weeks goodie bag:
IMG_7138 IMG_7144
Curious? Find it out next week and see how this week went.
Thumbs up I’ll have a “normal” week, I kinda deserve it right? 😉
hartje mini


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