#myvitabreak – the final week

helloHi everyone! I’ve been so sick these past 2 weeks I couldn’t get myself to start writing.
But as I’m finally getting better, it’s time to look back on how the last week of the #myvitabreak Challenge went!
It’s Monday don’t forget to be awesome! What a quote 😉
Start the week with a smile, a clear and achievable to do list and cancel everything in your agenda
that’s not worth your time. CHECK!
workout IMG_7837
The only bad work-out is the one that didn’t happen! Still… I think I’ll never be skinny,
I’ll always be curvy and why the hell not, right?! So I tried the rope skipping, but to be honest,
I don’t think this is my mojo…
I’m sorry for what I said when I was hangry! Definitely one of my favorite quotes! 🙂
Feeling a bit hangry in the afternoon? Try a delicious Vitalinea Plus, bye bye hangry feelings!
substracting IMG_7888 (1)
When things aren’t adding up in your life, start substracting!
The challenge on thursday was to clean your desk.
Since we kinda have a clean desk policy at work, I interpreted this challenge a bit different.
Since it was thanksgiving I didn’t think of what I should be subtracting…
I thought of what I’m thankful for. Count your blessings, and be positive!
IMG_7958 IMG_7989
Hello weekend! I’m so happy to see you!
Oh how relevant was this quote?! On friday me and my best friend Sofie and her family
drove up to the seaside for a weekend of FUN! I haven’t been so happy to hear the word weekend in weeks!
On the picture on the right you see Emma, the eldest daughter of my best friend Sofie.
She’s my world and warms my heart! ❤
Keep calm and release your endorphins! This weekend was all about what makes us happy!
For the record: eating donuts makes me happy 😉
One of the challenges on the back of this cards was: take a swim.
I couldn’t take a picture inside the subtropical swimming pool, but we went swimming everyday!
So this was it… the #myvitabreak November challenge.
It was a month with ups and downs, but I absolutely loved it!
I want to take this occasion to thank you all for reading my adventures.
Keep your eyes on the blog because the report of our blogger lunch closing event is coming up as well!
hartje mini



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