#myvitabreak – blogger brunch at Les Filles

hellolast weekend we had the #myvitabreak blogger brunch
as the closing event of our November-challenge.
We were invited to Les Filles at the Oude Graanmarkt in Brussels.
IMG_8779 IMG_8359
So I put on my sneakers and drove up to Brussels to see my fellow blogger-friends again.

IMG_8511 IMG_8505
Look how beautiful this brunch looked! Oh and everything was so delicious…
IMG_8513 IMG_8474
My favorite was this amazing pumpkin soup, omg this was soooooooo YUMMIE!! 😉
And ofcourse I finished with a Vitalinea Plus in my favorite flavour: raspberry! ❤
IMG_8506 IMG_8510
The place was decorated so pretty, and in the corner they hung a few of our instagram pictures,
that were took throughout November, printed out on Polaroids! In the middle on the paper were
3 questions regarding the #myvitabreak challenge.
You could take your picture with you and put a card with your answers in return.
IMG_8507 IMG_8508
Lucky me had 2 pictures up there 😉
IMG_8502 IMG_8515
Probably the coolest surprise of the day was Elfi de Bruyn, Miss Glam at Heart herself, doing our nails!
I’ve known Elfi for years now, but I’d never had my nails glammed up by her. So this was so cool! 🙂
So with beautiful nails, my Polaroid-pictures in my hand and a happy heart
I took my sneakers and butt back to Antwerp. 😉
Special thanks to Lieve from Danone & the people of Walkie Talkie for taking me on this journey!
hartje mini



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