The perfect holiday look by Chabelle

It’s holiday season and we’re all trying to look pretty.
Happens to be I know someone who is a pro at that last part 😉
Chana Bertens from Chabelle is a real artist when it comes to making someone look good!
I visited her studio on Christmas eve, I’ll tell you all about it.

What is Chabelle?
“I started to develop an interest in make-up in 2007, and I started Chabelle in 2009.
After I finished my studies in marketing I decided to go after my dream and start my own business.
Make-up, spray tans, gellac and hairstylings are Chabelle’s area of expertise!
Since 2011, after careful screening, Chabelle is licensed to be an official training school
for make up artists and hairstylists.  In 2014 I found the make up brand Evagarden in Italy.
Careful screening and testing led me to become the wholesaler of this make up brand in the Benelux-area since the beginning of 2015. In June this year I moved the business from Ranst (Antwerp)
to a bigger location. By adding Evagarden to my business I needed more space.
Besides that I wanted to be at a more central location and to give my customers the comfort
of parking in front of the building. I found that perfect space in Wommelgem (Antwerp),
it’s close by the highway and Wijnegem Shopping Center.
That last one is a bit dangerous for the shopaholic in me. ;-)” –
IMG_9474 IMG_9473
I was really excited to discover Evagarden, it sounded very promising!
“The Italian make up brand Evagarden creates harmony in their product range by combining high quality with diversity and trends. The research team behind Evagarden seeks to find the the best materials and the most nourishing and anti-aging formulas to make their products optimal for your skin.
That’s why I love to work with Evagarden!” – Chana
IMG_9328 IMG_9326
So I asked Chana to give me the perfect holiday party -look according to the latest trends and of course what suits me best 🙂 Here’s the result: (don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!)
IMG_9241 IMG_9335
IMG_9244 IMG_9242
I must say I got the most professional explanation with every product Chana used on me.
I loved the feeling of these products on my skin, it never had such a soft and smooth feel and look!
Smokey eyes with a non-traditional color pallet with pink and plum colors, this is so me. 😉
I learned that these colors are really trending for this and the upcoming season.
Also a big suprise to me: gloss is out! Yes, that’s right, glossy lips aren’t the thing this season!
Matte lipstick blended with a bit of chapstick in a plum color it was. 😉
You can follow several workshops at Chabelle yourself.
Always wanted to know how to create the perfect make up yourself? From a natural day-look to a glamorous night-look… you can learn it at Chabelle!
Afterwards you get a face chart with all the products used, so you know what do you need.
I must say, I was more ready for my Christmas party than I ever was! 😉
IMG_9331 IMG_9333 (1)
FullSizeRender (1)
If you ever need your make to be done, you want a workshop, you’re getting married and you want the perfect make up and hairstyle, you want to become a make up artist yourself, you need a spraytan, beautiful nails, you want to start using Evagarden yourself or you want to use/sell Evagarden in your own salon…
one adress: Chabelle, Draaiboomstraat 6, Wommelgem!
Check out their website (professionals click here) and give Chabelle a like on facebook 😉
hartje mini
ps: they also have gift-certificates 😉


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