#SonyMusicSanta – Get Weird!


This past holiday season Sony Music had something really fun in store for us bloggers!
#SonyMusicSanta was like an estafette, 30 albums were ready to be given away. But they weren’t just going to be handed out… One blogger got an album and had to choose one to give to another blogger, something like secret Santa 😉

Lucky me was surprised by the lovely miss Elfi de Bruyn from Glam At Heart!
She chose Little Mix – Get Weird for me, how did she now I LOVE Little Mix?!
I think the message behind this was pretty clear: get weird, stay weird 😉
I love Elfi and her happy vibes, she always manages to make me smile 🙂 So thanks again for this wonderful present babe!

I hear some of you thinking “Little who?” 😉
Well, Little Mix was the first girl band to win the X Factor! The band was formed during the 8th season of the X-Factor in Britain, 4 girls who auditioned separately were put together in a group. Perry, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade won the finals on December 11th 2011. They released a first album in 2012 (DNA), a second album (Salute) in 2013 and now 4 years after winning the X Factor their third album (Get Weird) is out.

I can’t stop putting it on repeat, this album is full of happy and crazy vibes mixed with the occasional love song 😉 There’s even a song called A.D.I.D.A.S on it! Seems like it was meant for me 😉 I had some funny looks from people driving past me while I’m listening to this album in my car… OOPS 😀
Top 3 favorite happy-crazy songs:
1. Black Magic
2. Weird People
3. OMG
favorite cry-your-eyes-out-song:
Love Me Or Leave Me
Favorite I’m-so-over-you-song:
The End
Weirdest song on the album:

Of course I got to be a secret Santa myself! 😉
I chose Glenn Claes – Back where my world began for my sweet blogger-friend Marjolein from Enjoy the little pleasures. I love her blog and she’s such a sweetheart! I hope she enjoys his music as much as I do!
I went to Glenn’s album release at Roma (Antwerp) a few weeks ago and man this album is SO good!!! We had to wait a while for his first album to come out since he won The Voice in 2012, but believe me this was worth the wait!
Thanks to the sweethearts at Walkie Talkie I get to enjoy this album every day!

Go check out these albums, you won’t regret it 😉
hartje mini


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