2015 instagram tag

helloI was nominated by Natascha from stadsmeisje.be to fill out the instagram-tag.
Natascha was one of the first bloggers I got to know when I started my own blog!
I love her style, her personality, her feed/blog and I adore her cats as well 😉 So thanks Natascha for the challenge!
Let’s take a look at my year in instagram photo’s 😉
“What is the last picture you posted in 2015?”

Well… it’s funny ’cause it’s true! 😀 Seems JB has become the phenomenon of 2015.
After a few years of silence he came out with “Purpose”, an amazing album! I love every song on it!
It has meaning, it has depth, it has a story… it has purpose 😉 #belieber
“What’s the first photo you posted in 2015?”
I made a collage of the first blog-related photo’s of 2015.
I started in may and my instagram account was up a few days before my blog was online.
The 2 quotes on top are quotes that inspired me to go for it and to get started.
The photo on the bottom left was the announcement of my life on sneakers.
The photo on the bottom right was the announcement of my first blogpost “who wore it better?”.
“What is the favorite photo of yourself, taken in 2015?”
FullSizeRender (1)
This photo was taken on one of my colleagues her wedding.
I loved this outfit and it was a wonderful day! I got a lot of success with the blogpost about this outfit as well, I’ve even seen a few girls copy this exact look 😉
“Which instapic makes you feel nostalgic?”
21 11707544_10153054024241446_1075965530927922720_n
These 2 photo’s make me feel nostalgic!
The baptism of my godchild Marie and baby Liv’s first party on the same day.
These photo’s are taken about 6 months ago but since then they’ve grown so fast!
Marie turned one in October, Liv is turning one in May… makes me feel kinda old haha 😉
But these sweethearts are the light of my life, what makes me happy every day! ❤
“What’s the most delicious dish you shared on instagram?”
FullSizeRender (2)
I’ve shared a few delicious dishes on IG in 2015, so I’ll just choose my favorite.
Breakfast with my best friend in our favorite breakfast-place “Den Boterham” in Antwerp.
Oh how I love to have my breakfast there!
“Which photo got the most likes?”
Okay, to be honest I’m kinda gonna cheat on this one… because the most liked photo is one I posted to enter a contest, and I made promotion to get likes. So since these were not all spontaneous likes, I took the photo I posted of my tattoo I got. Many people liked this, and it was nice because this tattoo means a lot to me…
It’s an m-shaped heart because the names of a few of the most important people in my life start with an m. It’s also a special tribute to my grandmother who passed away 10 years ago at that time.
“What’s your favorite animal photo?”
FullSizeRender (3)
My cat Morris got really sick last summer, it really was a matter of life and death.
She was so sweet and thankful for what I did for her, you could really notice!
This photo makes my heart melt… so glad she’s okay now!
“Which apps do you use to edit your photos?”
I always use instagram-filters on my photo’s. I don’t have just one filter I always use, because for me it depends on the photo. I don’t really care if not everything matches flawless on my feed 🙂
An other good app to edit is Snapseed, you can edit specific parts of your photo which can come in handy.
“What are your favorite profiles on instagram?”
Wauw, that’s a good question since I have so many…
Let’s say that the feeds of the girls I nominate are definitely a few of my favorites 😉
So on this note: Steffi (steffigallemaert.com), Carolien (onahealtyadventure.com) , Sanne (thebrondette.blogspot.be) and Julie (cocktailsandheels.com) I love your feeds and blogs,
you girls are nominated to fill out this instagram-tag! ❤
hartje mini


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