A little magic can go a long way

helloThis past week (or two) I’ve been feeling a bit out of sync.
I didn’t have to think long about who to turn to for help… Elfi ofcourse!
Miss spirituality herself (and I mean this in the most positive way) always knows how to motivate me with a bit of spiritual guidance.  I learned that at this time Mercury (the planet) is in “retro-mode” for three weeks, which could lead to things not going the way they should go. And that it’s normal to feel a bit restless during this time. (wauw)
I also asked if it was possible for her to pick a Tarot card for me, I had a feeling that this was really something I needed. To be honest, the meaning of this card and how it is implementary to how I feel at the moment is kind of private. (Sorry, not sorry 😉 ) But somehow it brought me peace. My restless feeling is gone since Elfi explained me what this all meant.
Main message: great things are about to happen if you only have faith and stay calm…IMG_0499
I understand that for a lot of people this maybe sounds like a lot of bullsh*t, and I respect that.
I think everyone should get their strength from something they value.
I personally believe that Tarot cards can give me insight…
And if it makes me feel good than that’s all that matters right? 😉

Special thanks to Elfi  ❤

hartje mini


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