Guilty pleasure: Temptation Island is back!


Temptation Island is back, and more sensational than ever!
Starting tomorrow, February 3rd, you’re in for some temptation every Wednesday-evening at 9 PM 😉
Last Thursday I went to the exclusive avant-première hosted by Vijf and got to watch the first episode.
I must admit, we are in for some guilty pleasure binge watching the next few weeks! 😉
IMG_1485 IMG_1503
The event was hosted in this church, which is turned into an event-location, in Merksplas.

I thought this venue was quite dubious since everything that happens at Temptation Island isn’t very christian at all 😉 The theme of this night was garden of Eden, and I must say the people from Vijf went all out with the decorations!
Nothing was left to coincidence, every little detail was on point. Flowers everywhere and even the apples had a tempting message… 😉
IMG_1528 IMG_1526
IMG_1496 IMG_1491
I took one of my best friends Loes with me, and we also bumped into my friends Amylia and Dorien.
IMG_1490 IMG_1391
The event was hosted by Vijf-babes Annelien and Stefani Coorevits.
Annelien and Rick Brandster (a dutch tv-host) took on the presentation of the tv-show and Stefanie is in charge of the online-platform full of behind the scenes and extras about Temptation Island.
So around 9.30 PM it was time to take a look at the first episode!
A few eyebrows raised, bursts of laughter and some ooh’s and ah’s later we were so bummed the episode was already over! Believe me when I say: you must watch this season! It’s more tempting, daring and bolder than ever 😉
I can’t give any details since we were asked to keep everything a secret until the first episode is aired tomorrow evening, and we wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun for you, right? 😉
You can watch the aftermovie of this event right here, I even got interviewed!
Enjoy your guilty pleasures everyone 😉
Special thanks to Walkie Talkie and Vijf for the invitation to this wonderful evening!
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