Shut up and dance with me!

hellolast Saturday I was invited to go to the Walk The Moon concert at Trix (Antwerp)!
“Oh don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this song on repeat! 😀
So of course needless to say I was really excited about this invitation! To be honest I didn’t know any other songs of them… I decided I wanted to be surprised and so I didn’t go through YouTube researching. 😉
The supporting act for Walk The Moon was Colony House. I learned that Colony House is an American indie rock band from Nashville – Tennessee. Their album “When I was younger” debuted in 2014. Now they’re touring with Walk The Moon, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from them here in Europe. They immediately set the place on fire, without us actually knowing any of their songs… My favorite song was “Waiting for my time to come“. (<- click on the link if you want to listen)
IMG_4277 (1)
At 21:15 sharp it was time for Walk The Moon to start. I was surprised to see how many fans turned up! The tunes of “The circle of life” (yes, from the Lion King!) sounded trough the speakers followed by the song called “Jenny”, and the tone for a great concert was set! I filmed it so you can see for yourself…

The band, in the formation as we know it, was founded in November 2010 in Ohio (USA). The name Walk The Moon was inspired by the song “Walking on the moon” by The Police. They also play indie rock, but with a little twitch. To be honest they’re a bit weird 😀 but in a good way! Right in the middle of their set they played their new single “Work this body”. I think this one will be my 2016 favorite of them 😉 here’s a clip:

They closed the show with my 2015 favorite “Shut up and dance”!
I filmed a litte piece for you, afterwards it was time to DANCE! 😉

I had a really great time! Ps: wearing my new Maison Scotch by Scotch and Soda sweater from SKM 😉
IMG_4275 (1)
I rest my case by sharing the set list with you, and I really recommend everyone of you to check out their music!
Special thanks to the people of Walkie Talkie for this great evening!
hartje mini


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