Sia – This is acting

helloI think everyone knows Sia… or her music at least!
Sia is known for her amazing voice and not showing her face during performances.
She says it’s about the music and the feeling the music gives you, not about the artist itself.
And as much as I like to drool over Justin, Timberlake or Bieber (whatever you like 😉 ), I can understand what she means. She’s also a talented song-writer and wrote hits like Diamonds performed by Rihanna. Sia says she has seen what being a celebrity has done to other artists and that she wants to remain a certain sense of just being “normal”. By creating this mystery she can still go to the supermarket without people recognizing her.
Instead she created a brand. The blond wig is very recognizable and it can be used in many different ways… on an other woman, a man even a dog if it has to 😉
Kinda smart, don’t you think?

I got to know Sia in 2011 from her hit songs with David Guetta (“Titanium“) and Flo Rida (“Wild Ones“).
In 2014 and 2015 her songs “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” dominated the charts and everybody got to know and love her! Now in 2016 on January 29th she released her 7th studio album “This Is Acting”.
Lucky me got a copy from the lovely people at Walkie Talkie!
It got damaged in the mail, my mailman hasn’t been so careful with this package I guess.
Funny thing is, the crack goes trough the second last song on the album which is called “Broken Glass”. So maybe it was meant to be? 😉
This album has a real Sia-feel to it, deep meaningful lyrics and vocally amazing.
Top 3 favorite sing-a-long songs:
1. Bird set free
2. Alive
3. Broken Glass
Favorite let’s get emotional song:
Space between
Favorite inspiring message song:
 Favorite time to dance song:
Cheap Thrills
1-2-3  1-2-3… WIN!
Now what kind of person would I be to get you all excited about this album… and not give one away? 😉
Hurry up and go to my instagram-account to participate and get a chance to win this amazing album!
Want one extra shot at winning? Let me know in the comments on this blogpost what your personal favorite song by Sia is and maybe even why… I’m curious by nature what can I say 😉
Good luck!!!
hartje mini



2 thoughts on “Sia – This is acting

  1. Wat een superleuke giveaway! 😍 Mijn favoriete song is sowieso Chandelier omdat ik het zalig vindt om dit liedje mega luid (lees: vals) mee te zingen en me er helemaal niets van aan te trekken dat mijn huisgenoten dan rare gezichten trekken 😝🙊 Btw: de versie van Loïc Nottet – Chandelier is ook fantastisch, zeker eens checken 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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