can’t stop the feeling!

helloMy all-time favorite artist is back!
Justin Timberlake is a voice-actor in the new DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls“.
Can’t stop the feeling is the soundtrack for this movie and already is a number one hit here in Belgium!
This song has the ultimate summer-vibe and makes you just want to dance, dance, dance 😉
I’m waking up happy every morning since this song came out, I just put it on repeat every morning when I wake up and while I get ready for work! #instanthappyvibes
Today the official music video came out and I’m already practicing that dance routine 😉

Thank you Justin, for making me smile and dance, dance, dance…
Because really… I can’t stop the feeling! 😉

As a bonus you should really watch this live performance of True Colors at the Cannes film festival.
Anna Kendrick, who’s also starring in Trolls, and Justin‘s performance is just mesmerizing!



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