my week in pictures #2

time for a weekly update! It’s been a very busy one, let’s have a look 😉

On Monday I had a meeting at Matuvu Fashion Agency with the lovely Ils. I got to make two outfits mixing and matching all the different brands in their showroom. These two mannequins are wearing my looks. What do you think? My favorite is the first one, the Milla Amsterdam skirt and jacket are a perfect combination with that Blake Seven t-shirt and Iphoria clutch. I would totally wear this outfit!

Thank you Matuvu Fashion Agency for this very cool Iphoria clutch, I love it! ❤

On Tuesday I went to the Mix & Mask event by Origins.
I honestly didn’t really knew the brand that well.
Now, I’m absolutely hooked! The Drink Up overnight mask is my all time favorite from now on! You can leave it on all night, and in the morning your skin is soft as a baby’s butt 😉 hihi
You can get Origins at Ici Paris XL.

On Wednesday I posted everything you need to know about the new Try-Out-Fit service by SKM.
Missed it? Click here.

Thursday was a busy but fun evening. First I went to the ProNails HQ to get to know the new ProNails LongWear Nail Polish collection. This nail polish lasts longer than any other nail polish you’ll ever try.
How do you like this dark army green? I love it!

Second stop on Thursday and my personal highlight of the week: the dinner in honor of the 60th birthday of Ava. We had a themed dinner in store, and had an amazing time! Can you guess which theme my table had? 😉

Another busy Fridaynight! First I celebrated the 165th birthday of Kiehl’s.
Last stop of the week: the book launch of this wonderful blogger-friend Yentl Keuppens.
I’m so proud of her, this book is definitely on top of my to read list and should be on yours as well!

Also happened on Friday: my blogpost about Eindhoven went live. Be sure to check it out!

On Saturday I scored this beautiful t-shirt at Mango. Do you recognize this heart? It’s almost the same as I’ve been using in my signature since forever and is in the my life on sneakers logo as well! 🙂
Instant crush!

Last but for sure not least, the most important event of the week:
the celebration of my godchild Marie her 2nd birthday! I’m so proud of this beautiful little girl who’s developing her very own and amazing personality. I love her so! ❤


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