Reminiscence – The Pink Gellac fall collection

As you’ve probably seen on my instagram, since this summer I am in love with Pink Gellac.
Finally I have pretty nails all the time and I can do it myself!!
The people at Pink Gellac were kind enough to send me a starter-pack with all the essentials like a led-lamp etc.
Picture credit: Very Emily.
I couldn’t find the time to shoot this package in daylight and when I finally did, I dropped one of the bottles 😦
So that’s why I’m happy my fellow Pink Gellac Ambassador Emily took this beautiful picture!
These are some results that were posted on my instagram account over the summer.
To be honest in the beginning I struggled with making the gellac stay for longer than one week and it took me a long time to apply.
But practice makes perfect, and now I do both my hands in maximum one hour and it lasts for two weeks!
Summer is over and it’s time for fall, and that’s why I would love to introduce to you
Reminiscence the Pink Gellac Fall Collection“.
5 beautiful colours that match every fall outfit!
From left to right: 200 Burnt Amber, 199 Luscious Red, 202 Warm Marsala, 201 Black Velvet, 203 Chocolate Brown
img_2530 The first colour I tried was 199 Luscious Red.
As you can see this is a warm deep red, which is totally perfect for fall and suits me very well!
I’ve already had so many people complimenting me on my nails and especially this colour 🙂
The second colour I’ve tried is 201 Black Velvet.
This is a black gellac with a velvet (puple-ish) shine.
Again: totally me, I love this colour so much!

Thank you Pink Gellac and keep an eye on my instagram/blog for when I try out the other colours!


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