“The Perfect Collection” by Karen Damen

When you’ve seen my instastories on my instagram account, you might have noticed that Sunday was a really exciting day for me! 😀 I was invited to Molecule to meet and interview one of my idols Karen Damen about her lingerie- and swimwear collection together with Sapph.
Molecule is a huge shopping center where you can literally find e-ve-ry-thing! Perfect for a shopping-daytrip and the perfect place to shop The Perfect Collection 😉
(this is me trying to be funny hihi 😉 )

Q: So what about that lingerie- and swimwear collection?
A:”Lingerie has to feel like you aren’t wearing anything. Of course it has to look nice, sexy and beautiful, but comfort definitely comes first. In “The Perfect Collection” I brought all of the elements that are important to me together.”

Q: What’s one of your favorite items in your collection?
A: “I adore the green slip-dress! You can wear it as lingerie, or in the summer as a dress with pumps or sneakers. Also the lace green body is something you could perfectly wear, not only as lingerie, but as a clothing item. With jeans and a blazer, like you are wearing, this is a very fancy outfit!” *
*PS: remember me wearing my lingerie-body as a clothing item together with my tutu?
What can I say… great minds think alike 😉 

Q: Will there be a next collection in collaboration with Sapph, for instance a very sexy collection near the end of the year?
A: “I’m trying to make eye-contact with my manager, who is totally ignoring me at this time, but I don’t think I can say anything about that yet… Maybe, maybe not!”
After a small conversation (off-mic) and some selfies, I was offered a lingerie-set of Karen’s collection. #luckyme I chose this beautiful green with pink combination with amazing details on the back, what appears to be Karen’s favorite set as well!

If you are curious to see what else is in The Perfect Collection you can visit Molecule or Sapph online.
Thank you Molecule, Sapph, Parlez and Karen Damen for a wonderful Sunday-afternoon!



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