Life without Passion(ata) is unforgivable

“Life without passion is unforgivable” – P.Diddy
That’s one of my favorite quotes! But in this case I’m talking about the brand Passionata 😉
Even though I’m not skinny, I feel it’s every woman’s right to be a Passionista: wear beautiful lingerie and feel good in it. And I’m totally in love with their new collection!
I have 2 new beautiful sets of lingerie and today I’d like to show them to you.
(Posing in lingerie is a big step for me so please don’t be too judgmental 😉 )

I love lace, especially for lingerie. I think it’s always that extra bit more sexy and luxurious 😉 don’t you?
This set is called “Blossom” and I chose the color Ivory. I also love that it has that extra bit of lace underneath the breasts, it covers up a bit of my tummy hihi 😉
Blossom balconette bra – Ivory
Blossom sexy shorty – Ivory

The second set is called Delicacy and is actually my first bralette ever! Because of my “big boobs” it isn’t really easy to find a bralette that fits and supports. 😉 Again with a lace detail, this time in the middle and in black.
Delicacy Bralette – black
Delicacy briefs – black

Make sure to check out the entire new Passionata spring/summer collection because it’s playful, sexy, fun & full of color. Single or in a relationship, perfect body or not: I encourage everyone to be a Passionista! 


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