Must have: a spring jacket! But you could never guess where it’s from…

Sun is out and so am I! 😉
Isn’t feeling the sun on your face such an amazing feeling? Summer I am so ready for you! 😀 But because it’s only spring, and I live in Belgium, I needed a light jacket to wear when it’s still a bit chilly. And as you can see I found the perfect one! But: you’ll never ever guess where it’s from… 😉

That’s right, Damart! 😉 They have a reputation of being only for “older people”, nevertheless they actually have quite a few pretty stylish items you can wear at any age. And this jacket is proof, isn’t it beautiful?!
At a press-event a few weeks ago I met a wonderful lady from Damart who was presenting the new collection to us, and I immediately fell in love with this jacket. To be honest I couldn’t believe that Damart had such a beautiful collection…

Because of the floral print I chose simple items to create an outfit.
In this case it was an easy task, just a simple white top and jeans and the look is complete.
Because of the pink pastel that matches the colors in the jacket, this Furla bag is the perfect one!
And of course the golden chain matches my golden Komono watch 😉

Top – Mango | Jeans – Stradivarius | Sneakers – Nike | Bag – Furla | watch – Komono

So as you can see a visit to Damart when you’re out shopping is definitely worth the while 😉
What do you think about this look? Are you as surprised as I was? Will you visit Damart some time?
Let me know! 😉




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