Rituals Urban Spa


Last week I already told you I went on a surprise city trip to Amsterdam with my blogger bestie Jolien.
Today I want to tell you all about our visit to the Rituals Urban Spa while we were there.

In Belgium and The Netherlands everybody knows and loves Rituals! But did you know about the Urban Spa yet?! When looking up things to do in Amsterdam to surprise Jolien, I stumbled upon the Rituals website and found there is an Urban Spa in Amsterdam! At the Urban Spa you can have all sorts of treatments like massages, pedicures, facials and hand treatments.
I made reservations for a hand treatment thanks to UPR press agency. We were welcomed by a super friendly team in a wonderful and relaxing environment. We started off with a cup of tea and a warm towel for our hands. Afterwards we had a hand scrub, massage and treatment with all Rituals products of course. Let’s take a look? (Gallery: click on a picture to enlarge)

Afterwards my hands were so soft, amazing! If you’re in Amsterdam I would really recommend to book an appointment. Even when you’re just visiting on a city trip, take a moment to sit back and relax. 😉 You can find other Urban Spa’s in The Netherlands in Almere and Heemstede. And they have a special Hand Spa at Schiphol Airport as well! Perfect way to relax before your flight, right?
And for the Belgian readers: there’s an Urban Spa in Knokke too! So when you’re at the seaside make sure to check it out 😉

Thank you Rituals for a wonderful and relaxing time, two happy kids over here 😉
PS: how cute are we in our matching sweaters? #friendshipgoals 😉 ❤


It’s a Love Story…

Happy Valentines day my sweet followers!
“Wait, what? Aren’t you single?”
But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate that one special day where we celebrate love!
I have so many things to love: my family, my friends, my cats,… and my new Chloé perfume 😉
It’s a love story for sure…

Chloé is known for their very classy and stylish perfumes, Chloé equals class.
The new sensual “Love story” is everything you want/need it to be and more!
I absolutely adore this one!
Still looking for a Valentines gift? Want to seduce that one special person? 😉
Or do you just want to treat yourself? Yes even you, happy single girls! 😉
Make sure to pass by your local perfumery and check out Love Story by Chloé ❤
Have a happy day everyone!

Reminiscence – The Pink Gellac fall collection

As you’ve probably seen on my instagram, since this summer I am in love with Pink Gellac.
Finally I have pretty nails all the time and I can do it myself!!
The people at Pink Gellac were kind enough to send me a starter-pack with all the essentials like a led-lamp etc.
Picture credit: Very Emily.
I couldn’t find the time to shoot this package in daylight and when I finally did, I dropped one of the bottles 😦
So that’s why I’m happy my fellow Pink Gellac Ambassador Emily took this beautiful picture!
These are some results that were posted on my instagram account over the summer.
To be honest in the beginning I struggled with making the gellac stay for longer than one week and it took me a long time to apply.
But practice makes perfect, and now I do both my hands in maximum one hour and it lasts for two weeks!
Summer is over and it’s time for fall, and that’s why I would love to introduce to you
Reminiscence the Pink Gellac Fall Collection“.
5 beautiful colours that match every fall outfit!
From left to right: 200 Burnt Amber, 199 Luscious Red, 202 Warm Marsala, 201 Black Velvet, 203 Chocolate Brown
img_2530 The first colour I tried was 199 Luscious Red.
As you can see this is a warm deep red, which is totally perfect for fall and suits me very well!
I’ve already had so many people complimenting me on my nails and especially this colour 🙂
The second colour I’ve tried is 201 Black Velvet.
This is a black gellac with a velvet (puple-ish) shine.
Again: totally me, I love this colour so much!

Thank you Pink Gellac and keep an eye on my instagram/blog for when I try out the other colours!

The ritual of karma


Hi everyone! About 2 weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the new Rituals summer limited edition collection “The Ritual of karma”.
“According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts positive karma. Say good words; think good thoughts; do good deeds and good will come your way.” – Rituals

We were invited to the rooftop-terras of Coffeelabs (Antwerp) which was transformed into an oasis of peace and serenity. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event that had such a good atmosphere!
IMG_0356 IMG_0348
IMG_0357 IMG_0865
IMG_0305 IMG_0270
There where massages, you could get your make-up done and get a fake tattoo, there was a palm reader and amazing food and drinks! Of course we also got to discover The Ritual of good karma, which is by far my favorite limited edition by Rituals so far!
These products are based on Holy Lotus and Bergamot and have an amazing yet gentle scent.

In this collection you find a body scrub, shower foam, shower oil, shimmer body cream, bed & body mist and of course a scented candle and the famous fragrance sticks. In my goodiebag I found the body scrub, body cream, shower foam and shower oil to try out, lucky me! 🙂
Practice the art of good karma in four steps according to Rituals:
(click on the image to be redirected to the webshop)
Step 1: Body scrub | Step 2: Shower foam
row4-1-scrub-karma row4-2-showerfoam-karma
Step 3: Body cream | Step 4: Bed & Body mist
row4-3-bodylotion-karma row4-4-mist-karma
My personal favorites are: the shower foam because it’s so foamy! I love the foamy texture, makes me feel like I have my own personal spa at home when I take a shower 😉 And the shimmer body cream! It’s not greasy, it helps you hold on to the amazing good karma-scent during the day and makes your skin glow very subtle, love it!

Are you going to try out any of these products? Or have you already? Let me know what you think! 🙂

Thanks Rituals and UPR for this amazing evening and gifts!

The perfect holiday look by Chabelle

It’s holiday season and we’re all trying to look pretty.
Happens to be I know someone who is a pro at that last part 😉
Chana Bertens from Chabelle is a real artist when it comes to making someone look good!
I visited her studio on Christmas eve, I’ll tell you all about it.
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The beauty department by H&M

Yesterday it was finally there… the launch of the new H&M beauty department!
H&M announced an update of her beauty department a while ago. Stating their collection would not longer only exist out of a wider range of make-up and make-up accessories. But also out of Hair- and body products, which were added. Everything would get a luxurious update and would be available in selected stores starting from September 10th.
The collection will be updated every season, there will be limited editions and, like with the fashion collection, there will be a conscious range as well with more sustainable products.
So as you would expect yesterday after work I rushed to the H&M store at the Meir (Antwerp) to discover the new  beauty department. I’ve already seen a few things online so I was really excited to see everything in real life.
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