the pursuit of happiness

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here… Not because I forgot about “my life on sneakers” but because the last few months have been a bit rocky and busy. Where I had to focus on myself first, other than just writing posts to keep posting content. Quality over quantity right? 😉

I’ve been focussing more on instagram and keeping everyone up to date with what I’m doing, where I’m going and all the new products I get to discover on a regular base. I feel I can connect more with you, my followers, trough the instagram-stories and posts.

So here’s the big decision: I will keep focussing on instagram where I will keep you updated daily, and I will only write blogposts if it truly of an additional value for you, me or the collaborating brand.

I hope I can share some amazing things with all of you this year!
And to see and hear from you on instagram, and if you’re not following me yet… please do? 😉

“She understood her worth , which made her powerful. Her world needed a hero, so she became one. 
No superpowers really, just a strong woman who took no shit from anyone.”


Happy new year!

helloHappy new year my sweet readers!
I wish every single one of you health, happiness and love…
I’m so grateful for everything that happened in 2016 and I’m so looking forward to this year!
For now: I’ll be taking it a bit slower this upcoming weeks, the past few months were crazy busy and I feel I need to slow things down a bit.
Please keep following my adventures on Instagram (be sure to check my instastories!) and I’ll be back up here soon 😉

It’s going to be an amazing year!

Sparkle all the way with this Christmas look


Hello December !
Holiday season is upon us, and I’m so happy 🙂
I absolute LOVE everything about Christmas! The tree, decorations, atmosphere, Christmas markets, drinking hot chocolate, buying presents, family time , dressing up,…

And with dressing up comes make-up too of course! 😉 It’s that time of year where your make up can be that extra bit sparkly and that’s exactly what I asked Birgit to do: throw some glitter on it!
Birgit Miechielssens is a freelance make-up artist from Antwerp who also works at Bobbi Brown in the city center. We got together to do a Christmas-inspired look, to show you that when it’s Christmas you can go all out! 😉 No boundaries, just sparkle!

She started off with a smokey eye based on gold and bronzed colors, and with hazel brown eyes like mine this is always a winner!
There is no set rule when picking the right color of eye shadow, everything depends of different factors like eye color, skin tone and hair color. Sometimes it’s also wise to take your outfit into account. Besides that, all eye colors have all kinds of variants. You can have bright blue or light blue eyes, not to mention mixed eye colors 😉 In addition, the look you want to achieve also plays an important role. The most important thing is that you feel good! Experimenting with colors, glitters,… go for it!

In doubt? Not feeling all that experimental? Here are some general guidelines, but remember: these are not set rules 😉
Green eyes: warm brown shades like chocolate and terracotta, khaki and gold
Brown eyes: they go with almost every color (yay, lucky me! 😉 ): earth- and brown shades, but especially warm colors like rusty brown, yellow/gold, bronze or colors with a gold-ish glow.
Blue eyes: they can be both cool and warm colored, depending on that you can play with warm colors like copper and orange-brown shades and cool colors like dark grey and taupe.
Grey eyes: they’re mostly cool colored, that’s why they go great with anthracite, dark blue, aubergine, grey-brown and shades with a white or silver glow. Are your eyes light grey? (WAUW!) Then go for a darker color so it makes your light eyes sparkle.

And don’t forget: you can always go wild and throw on some glitter;-)

A good eyeliner and fake lashes glams up every eye make-up. Again: don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether you like a subtle eyeliner or you want the cat-eye look: it’s what makes you feel confident! Same with fake lashes, don’t be afraid to use them! I wouldn’t advise you to go for crazy big fake lashes, but sometimes some subtle fake lashes can make all the difference you need! If you’re not used to applying them, maybe practice a few times before your big Christmas party, and I’m sure you’ll do great!:-)

And last but not least: don’t forget the lips! In general I would say accentuate the eyes or the lips and keep the rest subtle… but when it’s Christmas just go for it! Find the perfect shade of red that matches your skin tone, teeth (!) and eye make-up.  After all it’s Christmas and who knows who you’ll be kissing under that mistletoe 😉

Happy Holidays!
Oh, and if you want to book Birgit, you can contact her via instagram!