city crush: Eindhoven

I fell in love last weekend… with Eindhoven!
Me and my blogger-bff Jolien from That Girl With Her Blog were invited to a blogger-trip to discover Eindhoven.
I visit Eindhoven a few times a year, but I only ever go to Primark (and of course afterwards Mc Donalds #guiltypleasure). So I was really excited to really get to know this city, since it’s only a one hour drive from where I live and I literally knew nothing about it.
I can honestly say: this is a city you must visit! No, not for Primark. But for so many other reasons. Starting off with the Strijp-S area, which is located next to the city center.
If you ask me Strijp-S is the place to be for trendy young people who love food, fashion, design and an all-round urban atmosphere. This upcoming area offers everything you need and so much more!

I would recommend you to stay for at least a day or two, since there’s so much to discover. The Blue Collar Hotel is located at the Strijp-S area and is the perfect starting point to go out and explore. 
The hotel targets people who love the urban Strijp-S vibe, basic rooms with high ceilings and a simple yet trendy design.
img_20172They serve delicious food and drinks at the bar, and you can have breakfast with an amazing view at the top floor.

For the foodies amongst us the indoor foodmarket Vershal het Veem is definitely worth a visit. They literally have it all. From a bakery to a pastryshop, to spices, nuts, wine, Italian specialties or just a delicious cup of coffee or tea. All from local entrepeneurs who get a chance to sell their products at the foodmarket. It’s even open on Sundays!
For a very special ice cream or chocolate you go to Intelligentia ICE. The owner Björn runs this place with heart and soul and always finds a way to surprise his customers by inventing new ice cream flavors no one else would ever think of. For example: Fristi, a popular children’s drink, or baby food (yes this is actually a flavor). The chocolates are equally special! Have you ever tried a soy sauce – sesame-chili chocolate? No? well, then you should! 🙂

If you don’t want to have breakfast in your hotel or you want to have a lunch I would say go to bagel & juice. They have all sorts of yummie bagels and special fruit/vegetable juices.

If you’re looking for a beautiful restaurant with an amazing luxurious interior Wynwood is the place to go. I think they serve some good wine there too 😉Shopping time? Go and take a look at Studio Ruig. This shop looks a-ma-zing! The interior design, the monochrome colours sometimes mixed with a hint of pink… I LOVE IT!

GO in to Urban Shopper. This is a big indoor area where small businesses can rent a space and express their creativity. Furniture, home decoration, bags & jewelry,…  you can even customize your favorite pair of sneakers at Unickz!

If you decide to go into the city center, which is also a must-do I would recommend lunch at De Vooruitgang. If it wasn’t for the delicious food it would be for the amazing interior and atmosphere. Luckily they have both 😉

Up for some culture? Make sure to visit the Vanabbe Museum. This is not your ordinary (boring) museum! This is an interactive museum with contemporary art and guest exhibitions.
So many restaurants in the city center that I’m sure are worth a visit, but if I can choose I would take you to Usine. This location is just amazing! And there’s even a little pastry shop inside! You can take a pastry with you and have dessert at your hotel room 😉 Otherwise I would recommend to have the tiramisu!

I had an amazing time and I’m going back for sure, since there’s even more to discover besides all the above.
Must say I was lucky to be invited to this trip,we  had the best guide or “guidefriendpartner” (inside joke 😉 ) and an amazing group of fellow bloggers. Thank you Eindhoven365 for this experience!
Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAnd now? Go and meet Strijp-S!