City Marble: Show some love for your favorite city

“Everywhere we go – everywhere we go
People want to know – people want to know
Who we are – who we are
Where we come from – where we come from
So I tell them – so I tell them
I’m from Antwerp – I’m from Antwerp
Mighty mighty Antwerp – mighty mighty Antwerp!

Do you remember this song from your childhood? I think I’ve must have sung it hundreds of times 😉 I’ve changed the lyrics from “Belgium” to “Antwerp” because you know the love for my city is real 😉 And that’s exactly why I love this new invention by Case Company: City Marble cases!

You can choose your favorite city, zoom in or out as much as you like, choose between 4 different map-styles, use emoji’s and change the description if you want. Nothing more fun than making  it your own! 😉

I’ve zoomed in to the Antwerp city center, I’ve put my pin-emoji on the “Grote Markt”, chose the white-black theme and I left the description as it was. And there you have it, my masterpiece 😉
I just have a new Iphone 7 Plus and because it’s so big (oops 😀 ) you can really see the map very clear, and I love it! I’ve been showing it off during my weekend to Genk … #sorrynotsorry 😉

Thank you Case Company! ❤
What’s your favorite city? 😉


life is a party, and the world is your dancefloor


The silence is over… I’m sorry it’s been a bit quiet over the summer!
I’ve been very busy with my new job and I admit I took some time just to relax and enjoy the weather as well… But now as school just started, it feels like it’s also the start of a new blog-year 😉
After relaxing it’s time to get back on track!
But don’t forget to enjoy yourself because…
#lifeisaparty !
My friend and talented DJ Dimitri Wouters is back again with his new #lifeisaparty collection!

“For the 4th year in a row I’m releasing a #lifeisaparty t-shirt collection. It’s been my life motto for years. This year I had my doubts… Can I promote this statement, with all that is happening throughout the last months? The answer is unquestionable: YES!” – Dimitri Wouters

This year he decided to promote this collection together with a team of bloggers (including me, YAY!) with an amazing #lifeisaparty promotion video.
Click here to watch this awesome videoclip including: me! 😉

“I love to challenge myself. As I always try to make my deejay sets creative and original, I just had to do something special for the release of the new t-shirt collection. Check out the result of my latest challenge in this #lifeisaparty promotion video. Filmed, produced and edited by myself. Featuring a team of amazing fashion/lifestyle bloggers who combined my t-shirt with their own personal and lovely style.” – Dimitri Wouters
I also got my very own #lifeisaparty promotional video, and I love it! 😉
Check it out:

Order your own #lifeisaparty tshirt with a 10% discount using “weloveevy” at the checkout ❤
just click here to see the collection!

And if you were wondering how to wear your #lifeisaparty t-shirt, no worries!
I teamed up another friend: the lovely Charmy James from the ByCharmy tutu-collection and created a fun and fashionable outfit by combining my #lifeisaparty t-shirt with one of her amazing (hand-made!) tutu’s.
image image
image imageimage image image imageimage image image image

“Love life, try to make every day count and realize it’s the little things that make life amazing. #lifeisaparty is more than a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle.” – Dimitri Wouters

 Thank you Dimitri Wouters for this inspirational message, Thank you Charmy James for bringing the most wonderful tutu skirts into my life and thank you to my dear friend Sarah from Happylife fotografie for taking these pictures!