The perfect holiday look by Chabelle

It’s¬†holiday season and we’re all trying to look pretty.
Happens to be I know someone who is a pro at that last part ūüėČ
Chana Bertens from Chabelle is a real artist when it comes to making someone look good!
I visited her studio¬†on Christmas eve, I’ll tell you all about it.
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The beauty department by H&M

Yesterday it was finally there… the launch of the new H&M beauty department!
H&M announced an update of her beauty department a while ago. Stating their collection would not longer only exist out of a wider range of make-up and make-up accessories. But also out of Hair- and body products, which were added. Everything would get a luxurious update and would be available in selected stores starting from September 10th.
The collection will be updated every season, there will be limited editions and, like with the fashion collection, there will be a conscious range as well with more sustainable products.
So as you would expect yesterday after work I rushed to the H&M store at the Meir (Antwerp) to discover the new  beauty department. I’ve already seen a few things online so I was really excited to see everything in real life.
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