These brogues are made for walking…

helloI have this thing with shoes… as you might have noticed 😉
Thanks to Nelson Schoenen I now have these beautiful brogues added to my collection!

In my previous blog post about restyling the professional look you’ve already seen these beauties pass by. Not only are they a perfect replacement for heels at work, they are also great to create a casual look. Wear them with jeans or even with a dress, everything is possible and don’t forget: comfortable 😉
These brogues are from the brand Gabor. To be honest to me this brand had a bit of an old fashioned reputation…
But to the contrary this brand is very hip and trendy when I took a closer look!

The great thing about Gabor is that you buy a high quality trendy shoe. Brogues tend to be very narrow when it comes to fitting and if the materials aren’t right your feet will hurt instantly. Been there, done that… Thanks to the qualitative materials, good sole and great fitting my feet didn’t hurt at all when I started wearing these.
I would strongly advise you to buy these shoes half a size up. Normally I wear a 38 (EU size) but these are a 38,5.

I got these one from Nelson Schoenen. I already knew them because they have a store in Breda (Holland) where I go shopping a lot 😉 My best friend even bought her wedding shoes there!
It was the first time I tried their web shop and I honestly must say it was a great experience. When it comes to customer service our Dutch neighbors know how to treat their clients. And they even have their own store brand of shoes which are stylish and affordable. So if you’re looking to shop (offline or online) Nelson Schoenen is your go-to store.

Seems I’ve been living in these shoes, haha! 😉
Do you like brogues? And how do you style them?