#myvitabreak week two – a lot happened!

helloweek two: done!
Again I hit a few speed bumps this week… I’ll tell you all about it 🙂
On Sunday I took the challenge to go offline to the park.
With my book and camera I spent a lovely sunny afternoon… just me, myself, the book & camera.
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#myvitabreak – how did week one went and what does week two looks like?


week one is almost done!
I hit a few speed bumps this week… here’s how it went:
I started a day early, since we were supposed to start on Monday.
But this challenge was perfect for last Sunday! I celebrated my birthday with my best friends and their kids 🙂 we had a lovely afternoon/evening and had a spaghetti-party for dinner 😉
This was an easy challenge since we had so much fun I didn’t even have a problem putting my phone away! I only used it for taking pictures, that counts as offline, right? 😉
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