City Marble: Show some love for your favorite city

“Everywhere we go – everywhere we go
People want to know – people want to know
Who we are – who we are
Where we come from – where we come from
So I tell them – so I tell them
I’m from Antwerp – I’m from Antwerp
Mighty mighty Antwerp – mighty mighty Antwerp!

Do you remember this song from your childhood? I think I’ve must have sung it hundreds of times 😉 I’ve changed the lyrics from “Belgium” to “Antwerp” because you know the love for my city is real 😉 And that’s exactly why I love this new invention by Case Company: City Marble cases!

You can choose your favorite city, zoom in or out as much as you like, choose between 4 different map-styles, use emoji’s and change the description if you want. Nothing more fun than making  it your own! 😉

I’ve zoomed in to the Antwerp city center, I’ve put my pin-emoji on the “Grote Markt”, chose the white-black theme and I left the description as it was. And there you have it, my masterpiece 😉
I just have a new Iphone 7 Plus and because it’s so big (oops 😀 ) you can really see the map very clear, and I love it! I’ve been showing it off during my weekend to Genk … #sorrynotsorry 😉

Thank you Case Company! ❤
What’s your favorite city? 😉