Teacups & Dresses party


Yesterday I went to the Teacups & Dresses new collection and perfume release party.
An Katrien Casselmans, well known for being on the tv-show “Pink Ambition, isn’t a blonde barbie airhead.
This teacher, businesswoman, blogger and designer knows what she does and she does it well!
Maintaining a down to earth mentality makes her even more sweet.
How amazing did she look?!
Make sure to check out her blog and webshop on:
photo-4 img_1569
Off course my blogger-BFF Jolien was there with me!
Did you see this awesome long mint tutu skirt I was wearing?!
It’s another beauty from the ByCharmy tutu collection.
My friend and bosslady Charmy James attended the event as well wearing one of her beautiful pink tutu’s.
More about the Teacups & Dresses collection on the blog SOON!


The ritual of karma


Hi everyone! About 2 weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the new Rituals summer limited edition collection “The Ritual of karma”.
“According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts positive karma. Say good words; think good thoughts; do good deeds and good will come your way.” – Rituals

We were invited to the rooftop-terras of Coffeelabs (Antwerp) which was transformed into an oasis of peace and serenity. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event that had such a good atmosphere!
IMG_0356 IMG_0348
IMG_0357 IMG_0865
IMG_0305 IMG_0270
There where massages, you could get your make-up done and get a fake tattoo, there was a palm reader and amazing food and drinks! Of course we also got to discover The Ritual of good karma, which is by far my favorite limited edition by Rituals so far!
These products are based on Holy Lotus and Bergamot and have an amazing yet gentle scent.

In this collection you find a body scrub, shower foam, shower oil, shimmer body cream, bed & body mist and of course a scented candle and the famous fragrance sticks. In my goodiebag I found the body scrub, body cream, shower foam and shower oil to try out, lucky me! 🙂
Practice the art of good karma in four steps according to Rituals:
(click on the image to be redirected to the webshop)
Step 1: Body scrub | Step 2: Shower foam
row4-1-scrub-karma row4-2-showerfoam-karma
Step 3: Body cream | Step 4: Bed & Body mist
row4-3-bodylotion-karma row4-4-mist-karma
My personal favorites are: the shower foam because it’s so foamy! I love the foamy texture, makes me feel like I have my own personal spa at home when I take a shower 😉 And the shimmer body cream! It’s not greasy, it helps you hold on to the amazing good karma-scent during the day and makes your skin glow very subtle, love it!

Are you going to try out any of these products? Or have you already? Let me know what you think! 🙂

Thanks Rituals and UPR for this amazing evening and gifts!

I believe in Miracles…

helloAbout a week ago Annelien Coorevits celebrated the first year of Miracles by Annelien Coorevits.
On friday May 20th we were invited to celebrate with her, so I put my sneakers on and together with my girl Jolien, from That girl with her blog, we headed to the Miracles by Annelies Coorevits showroom! We met our friend Julie, from Cocktails & heels, there because we came in separate cars.
IMG_0421 IMG_0422
I took loads of pictures because this is by far the most beautiful showroom I’ve ever seen!
Also the Miracles collection is so amazing, there’s not a thing I wouldn’t want to have 😉
Take a look with me!
IMG_0438 IMG_0424
IMG_0437 IMG_9943
IMG_0431 IMG_0430
Miracles by Annelien Coorevits is a reflection of her personality: stylish, pure and natural.
Miracles is a collaboration between Annelien and Wim & Hilde De Valck.
The collection exists out of affordable but high quality jewelry, jewelry-boxes, bags, scarfs, and scented candles.
The jewelry collection has 4 lines: AC, Exclusive, Handmade & Temptation.
My 3 favorite webshops where you can shop Miracles by Annelien Coorevits are:
Luxedy, Jae Accessories and Les Folies.
IMG_0436 IMG_0435
IMG_0433 IMG_0432
IMG_0428 IMG_0429
Throughout the showroom you also find amazingly beautiful pictures of Annelien herself!
IMG_0425 IMG_0434
When we were welcomed to the showroom by Magali from Media Mania Press Agency, she told us that Miracles by Annelien Coorevits offered us an amazing gift: we were allowed to choose one handbag and in addition to that a few pieces of jewelry! You can imagine we were amazed and SO GRATEFUL!
Jolien, Julie and I started the difficult task to choose the pieces we wanted.
Because when everything is so beautiful it truly isn’t easy to choose…
(snapchat by Jolien)
So by now you’re probably curious to find out which items I chose? 😉
IMG_0426 IMG_0427
This beautiful bag will soon be mine! Since it wasn’t in stock at that moment I’ll receive it later.
You’ll see more about this bag very soon 😉
These are the jewelry that I can now happily call mine, all mine! ❤
I chose 4 items out of the Temptation collection, coincidence or not? I don’t know 😉
IMG_0413 IMG_0420
Tip: click on the picture to be directed to each item on the Miracles by Annelien Coorevits website!
IMG_0409 IMG_0441
This last item I chose is from the AC-collection and an absolute classic!
Thank you Miracles by Annelien Coorevits, thank you Annelien and thank you Media Mania for having me!

Ps: Special thanks to Jolien for everything and this amazing (blogger-)friendship! ❤

Shut up and dance with me!

hellolast Saturday I was invited to go to the Walk The Moon concert at Trix (Antwerp)!
“Oh don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this song on repeat! 😀
So of course needless to say I was really excited about this invitation! To be honest I didn’t know any other songs of them… I decided I wanted to be surprised and so I didn’t go through YouTube researching. 😉
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my new favorite outfit by #SKM

This week was really exciting!
I got the most original invitation by SKM for their “the favorite outfit of…” campaign.
A personalized clothing hanger, hello?! How cool is that!
So me and a small group of other bloggers were invited to visit SKM on Thursday for some late-night shopping.
SKM used to be known as a store for an older public, now they’re relaunching SKM as a store where everyone can find their new favorite clothes! They added brands like Scotch & Soda, Supertrash, Scee by Twin-Set, CKS, Liu Jo, Nikkie, Guess … and many more! The purpose of this evening was for us to find our new favorite clothes and to become the faces of this campagne. I must say this is quit the honor, don’t you agree?
So, here’s the outfit I chose:
Jeans jacket: Vero Moda | sweater: Maison Scotch (by Scotch & Soda) | Skirt: Scee by Twin-Set | the sneakers and necklace I brought myself and they’re from h&m and Primark.
The people of SKM were so friendly to let us choose 2 items to take home with us.
I chose the sweater and skirt since I already have almost the same jacket hanging in my closet.
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Guilty pleasure: Temptation Island is back!


Temptation Island is back, and more sensational than ever!
Starting tomorrow, February 3rd, you’re in for some temptation every Wednesday-evening at 9 PM 😉
Last Thursday I went to the exclusive avant-première hosted by Vijf and got to watch the first episode.
I must admit, we are in for some guilty pleasure binge watching the next few weeks! 😉
IMG_1485 IMG_1503
The event was hosted in this church, which is turned into an event-location, in Merksplas.
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#myvitabreak – blogger brunch at Les Filles

hellolast weekend we had the #myvitabreak blogger brunch
as the closing event of our November-challenge.
We were invited to Les Filles at the Oude Graanmarkt in Brussels.
IMG_8779 IMG_8359
So I put on my sneakers and drove up to Brussels to see my fellow blogger-friends again.
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