Bia Mara: not your ordinary Fish & Chips

Hi everyone! I’m back with a new Antwerp hot spot you should really check out…
Do you love fish & chips? Or have you always wanted to try but never did?
Bia Mara is the place to be!
IMG_3751 IMG_3763
The Bia Mara story
“Our story began at home, selling Mackerel on the streets of Dublin. The idea was simple, change fish & chips into something more creative using inventive ingredients and techniques to make it lighter than the traditional style.
Our journey brought us to Brussels for our first location and we found Belgian beer to be a perfect match for our creative fish and chips. We use as many different types of fish to help with the harmony of the ocean, based on what’s available and in season. We apply our recipes to interesting underrated swimming starlets.
Our aim is to deliver a tasty treat, consistently fresh with a real depth of flavour. Served with the right attitude from an amazing crew, we want you to leave ready to tell your friends about the “new skool” fish & chips concept! Our journey continues…”
Barry & Simon
IMG_3755 IMG_2923
From “regular” fish and chips to special crusts and sauces, they have it all!
I first got to know Bia Mara at a tasting a while ago, I loved it so much I promised myself I would go back for dinner some time. My (blogger) friend Stephanie from “Koken op hakken“, which literally means “cooking on heals”, and I met on a sunny evening to have some much needed quality time. 😉
IMG_2922 IMG_2925
We started out with their lemon and mint lemonade, which really is as delicious and refreshing as it sounds and looks like 😉
IMG_2835 IMG_2927
I ordered the Classic Panko Fish with Seaweed Salted Chips & Homemade Tartar.
The fish was so tasty, the chips were amazing and don’t get me started on the homemade tartar sauce… oh my god… honestly, this is the way to my heart for sure 😉
This all is served in reusable eco friendly wooden boxes.
IMG_3761 IMG_3760IMG_3759 IMG_3757
We sat outside on the terrace, but the inside interior is also worth the while! So don’t be afraid to visit Bia Mara on a rainy day, their Fish & Chips will brighten up your day 😉

Bia Mara
Maalderijstraat 1
2000 Antwerp


Tip: it’s right near the Cathedral and Grote Markt, so you can also discover a few of the most beautiful places in Antwerp while you’re at it ;-).


smile, there’s heavenly pizza!

“Smile, there’s heavenly pizza”
For the first time I’ll be sharing an Antwerp hotspot with you.
I haven’t done this before, but this one is definitely worth writing about 😉
When you follow me on instagram (which by the way you definitely should 😛 ) you’ve probably already seen my  mouthwatering pizza-pictures!
These were taken at Otomat, and YES the pizza was as delicious as it looked on picture 😉
Otomat or nOtomat? That’s the question!
Otomat pizza’s are with a tomato base and as you can already guess by now… nOtomat pizza’s not! 🙂
They have a very trendy menu, and the description makes everything on it sound delicious!
The Otomat pizza’s are inspired by traveling many country’s but it seems they have a Belgian twist.
With every pizza they have a beer-tip, so for the pizza- & beer-lovers this is a perfect combo ;-).
As you can see in the pictures my personal favorite drink is the hand made lemonade: lemon & rose.
IMG_9679 IMG_9699
My favorite pizza is the “Rocket & ham with a twist”! This is a tomato based pizza with rocket, raw ham and mozzarella cheese with a twist of lemon on top. But since I’m not the most easy client (oops) I got the mozzarella changed into Grana Padano, which is my all time favorite Parmesan cheese. But the people at Otomat are so friendly that this “tiny” change wasn’t a problem at all!
I’ve been there twice now and I’m that type of person that when I like something I tend to always order the same thing… So to break tradition: next on my list to try is the “with love from B.”
zitbank zaal
I’ve been there twice now and I’ve always sat on the terrace outside because we were so lucky to have good weather. But seriously, sitting inside wouldn’t be a punishment! Look at this amazing interior?!
And last but not least, how about a lovely Nutella-pizza for dessert?!
As you can see, at Otomat you are definitely in pizza-heaven 😉

Van Schoonbekeplein 11
2000 Antwerp

Tip: it’s right near the MAS (museum) and charming harbor , so you can visit the MAS, have a wonderful dinner and take a (maybe romantic 😉 ) walk in the harbor afterwards!