I believe in Miracles…

helloAbout a week ago Annelien Coorevits celebrated the first year of Miracles by Annelien Coorevits.
On friday May 20th we were invited to celebrate with her, so I put my sneakers on and together with my girl Jolien, from That girl with her blog, we headed to the Miracles by Annelies Coorevits showroom! We met our friend Julie, from Cocktails & heels, there because we came in separate cars.
IMG_0421 IMG_0422
I took loads of pictures because this is by far the most beautiful showroom I’ve ever seen!
Also the Miracles collection is so amazing, there’s not a thing I wouldn’t want to have 😉
Take a look with me!
IMG_0438 IMG_0424
IMG_0437 IMG_9943
IMG_0431 IMG_0430
Miracles by Annelien Coorevits is a reflection of her personality: stylish, pure and natural.
Miracles is a collaboration between Annelien and Wim & Hilde De Valck.
The collection exists out of affordable but high quality jewelry, jewelry-boxes, bags, scarfs, and scented candles.
The jewelry collection has 4 lines: AC, Exclusive, Handmade & Temptation.
My 3 favorite webshops where you can shop Miracles by Annelien Coorevits are:
Luxedy, Jae Accessories and Les Folies.
IMG_0436 IMG_0435
IMG_0433 IMG_0432
IMG_0428 IMG_0429
Throughout the showroom you also find amazingly beautiful pictures of Annelien herself!
IMG_0425 IMG_0434
When we were welcomed to the showroom by Magali from Media Mania Press Agency, she told us that Miracles by Annelien Coorevits offered us an amazing gift: we were allowed to choose one handbag and in addition to that a few pieces of jewelry! You can imagine we were amazed and SO GRATEFUL!
Jolien, Julie and I started the difficult task to choose the pieces we wanted.
Because when everything is so beautiful it truly isn’t easy to choose…
(snapchat by Jolien)
So by now you’re probably curious to find out which items I chose? 😉
IMG_0426 IMG_0427
This beautiful bag will soon be mine! Since it wasn’t in stock at that moment I’ll receive it later.
You’ll see more about this bag very soon 😉
These are the jewelry that I can now happily call mine, all mine! ❤
I chose 4 items out of the Temptation collection, coincidence or not? I don’t know 😉
IMG_0413 IMG_0420
Tip: click on the picture to be directed to each item on the Miracles by Annelien Coorevits website!
IMG_0409 IMG_0441
This last item I chose is from the AC-collection and an absolute classic!
Thank you Miracles by Annelien Coorevits, thank you Annelien and thank you Media Mania for having me!

Ps: Special thanks to Jolien for everything and this amazing (blogger-)friendship! ❤


Jolies Affaires

last Sunday I was invited to “Jolies Affaires”.
A little market all about hand made products organised by Elke (Mademoiselke), Laura (Lilly Rose) and Emilie (Mamzel Emilie).
So today I want to talk about my two favorite shops at Jolies Affaires.
first of all of course: Mademoiselke!
Apart from being a wonderful person Elke is also very creative and as Mademoiselke she sells beautiful hand made jewelry! Everything your heart desires: she can make it 😉
IMG_1615 IMG_1655
Elke really thought about what her concept and theme was going to be when she started Mademoiselke.
The black, white and pink in combination with cute dots make her really stand out. Everything is well curated and thought through: from her business cards, the gift boxes to the decoration of her market stall… everything matches!
IMG_1617 IMG_1619
these were some my favorite items: Continue reading

fri-yay give away!


No better way to start the weekend than with a give away, right?!
Recently I discovered this cute webshop Balbi and the city.
I love her collection, we got in touch and joined forces to put together a lovely give away for you ladies!
Now you’re probably wondering: how can I win this beautiful jewelry-set?!
Go to this picture on my instagram and follow the instructions, maybe wednesday july 15th will be your lucky day 😉

Don’t forget to check out the Balbi and the city webshop, she’s also having sales!!
these are the items I got and I absolutely adore:
IMG_7398   IMG_7399
good luck – happy weekend
hartje miniEvy