#myvitabreak – blogger brunch at Les Filles

hellolast weekend we had the #myvitabreak blogger brunch
as the closing event of our November-challenge.
We were invited to Les Filles at the Oude Graanmarkt in Brussels.
IMG_8779 IMG_8359
So I put on my sneakers and drove up to Brussels to see my fellow blogger-friends again.
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#myvitabreak – the final week

helloHi everyone! I’ve been so sick these past 2 weeks I couldn’t get myself to start writing.
But as I’m finally getting better, it’s time to look back on how the last week of the #myvitabreak Challenge went!
It’s Monday don’t forget to be awesome! What a quote 😉
Start the week with a smile, a clear and achievable to do list and cancel everything in your agenda
that’s not worth your time. CHECK!
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#myvitabreak – week three report


Hi everyone! 🙂 Glad you came to check back to read how week 3 of the #myvitabreak challenge went.
Turn your FOMO* into JOMO*!
Everybody who is honest with themselves will probably admit they suffer from *Fear Of Missing Out from time to time. So on monday the challenge was to turn this into *Joy Of Missing Out. Don’t let FOMO controle your life and focus on your job, so put your phone away for a day. On other days set times where you check your phone (lunchtime, after work,…) and put it away in between. Would you be able to do this? I managed to do it quite well, I was still suffering from neck- and backpains from my car accident last sunday. So I was resting all day. 🙂
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Happy 6 months my life on sneakers!


Happy 6 month-birthday my life on sneakers!
I’ve been blogging for 6 months now, time sure flies!
6 months ago I got the “crazy” idea to start this blog and off course I don’t regret it ever since 😉

I’ve had so much fun at events, meeting brands, meeting people and most of all making new friends!
In this post I’m looking back on my greatest/most fun posts…
feel free to read one, a few or all of them 😉
Thank you all so much for the new friendships, reads, lovely comments and support!!!
I’m one happy kid for sure…
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