#lifeisaparty – by Dimitri Wouters


Life is a party! And if there’s one person who truly embodies this it’s Dimitri Wouters
Remember when I told you he was up to something? 😉
Finally the wait is over…

Well here it is: A very exclusive one week pop-up #lifeisaparty webshop!
Say what?! You can shop your very own #lifeisaparty t-shirt or sweater right now!
With the upcoming festival season (or just to wear it on a daily base) this is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe 😉
But hurry because when he says exclusive, he means exclusive… the pop-up webshop is online for only one week!
You have until wednesday june 17, 6PM to order your one of a kind, made with love, tee or sweater.

My personal favorites:
lifeisaparty_z_w049_st_trips_dark-heather-denim_0-440x600 lifeisaparty_1_heather-grey-440x600
lifeisaparty_z_w006_st_loves2_white_1-440x600 lifeisaparty_dark-heither-denim_1-440x600
If only I could order that guy as well… haha 😉  Continue reading


In Clouds Of Fashion with Odette Lunettes


Today I was introduced to the wonderful world of Odette Lunettes and went to the Clouds Of Fashion late night shopping event! (read more about this event at the bottom)

Odette Lunettes, c’est quoi? Well, the wonderful and amazing Eline de Munck is not only a singer, (voice)actress and tv-host she’s also an awesome designer! She designed the most beautiful, cool and trendy (unisex) glasses you’ve ever seen!
Today was the official launch and also opening of the Odette Lunettes temporary store at Meir 40 (Antwerp).
Photo 28-05-15 13 24 59 (1)
During my lunch break I couldn’t get there fast enough! When I talked to Eline she was very nice, as always, and she told me how she has been wearing glasses since she was 15. This collection is something she stands for with passion. She was part of creating this line from A to Z, from development to production. If you wear an Odette Lunettes you really wear a piece of Eline.
IMG_3553 IMG_3558
“The philosophy behind my brand is simple: trendy, fun, fashionable and affordable glasses. This way you don’t have to wear the same glasses for 5 years. You can add an Odette Lunettes to your collection, this way you have a refreshing change, the needed variation and you’re always trendy!” (translated from the press files) Continue reading