the pursuit of happiness

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here… Not because I forgot about “my life on sneakers” but because the last few months have been a bit rocky and busy. Where I had to focus on myself first, other than just writing posts to keep posting content. Quality over quantity right? 😉

I’ve been focussing more on instagram and keeping everyone up to date with what I’m doing, where I’m going and all the new products I get to discover on a regular base. I feel I can connect more with you, my followers, trough the instagram-stories and posts.

So here’s the big decision: I will keep focussing on instagram where I will keep you updated daily, and I will only write blogposts if it truly of an additional value for you, me or the collaborating brand.

I hope I can share some amazing things with all of you this year!
And to see and hear from you on instagram, and if you’re not following me yet… please do? 😉

“She understood her worth , which made her powerful. Her world needed a hero, so she became one. 
No superpowers really, just a strong woman who took no shit from anyone.”


A little magic can go a long way

helloThis past week (or two) I’ve been feeling a bit out of sync.
I didn’t have to think long about who to turn to for help… Elfi ofcourse!
Miss spirituality herself (and I mean this in the most positive way) always knows how to motivate me with a bit of spiritual guidance.  I learned that at this time Mercury (the planet) is in “retro-mode” for three weeks, which could lead to things not going the way they should go. And that it’s normal to feel a bit restless during this time. (wauw)
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#SonyMusicSanta – Get Weird!


This past holiday season Sony Music had something really fun in store for us bloggers!
#SonyMusicSanta was like an estafette, 30 albums were ready to be given away. But they weren’t just going to be handed out… One blogger got an album and had to choose one to give to another blogger, something like secret Santa 😉

Lucky me was surprised by the lovely miss Elfi de Bruyn from Glam At Heart!
She chose Little Mix – Get Weird for me, how did she now I LOVE Little Mix?!
I think the message behind this was pretty clear: get weird, stay weird 😉
I love Elfi and her happy vibes, she always manages to make me smile 🙂 So thanks again for this wonderful present babe!
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The perfect holiday look by Chabelle

It’s holiday season and we’re all trying to look pretty.
Happens to be I know someone who is a pro at that last part 😉
Chana Bertens from Chabelle is a real artist when it comes to making someone look good!
I visited her studio on Christmas eve, I’ll tell you all about it.
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#myvitabreak – week three report


Hi everyone! 🙂 Glad you came to check back to read how week 3 of the #myvitabreak challenge went.
Turn your FOMO* into JOMO*!
Everybody who is honest with themselves will probably admit they suffer from *Fear Of Missing Out from time to time. So on monday the challenge was to turn this into *Joy Of Missing Out. Don’t let FOMO controle your life and focus on your job, so put your phone away for a day. On other days set times where you check your phone (lunchtime, after work,…) and put it away in between. Would you be able to do this? I managed to do it quite well, I was still suffering from neck- and backpains from my car accident last sunday. So I was resting all day. 🙂
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Jack Rocks!


I got invited to the Jack Rocks pre-Pukkelpop event at the Chaplins salon & barbershop last week in Antwerp city.
Well that’s a mouth full right? 😉
IMG_0319 IMG_0317
Well Jack Daniel’s is hosting a barbershop, whiskey-bar and photo studio (where you can show off your best air guitar moves ;-)) on a few of the best Belgian festivals this summer!
And because Pukkelpop is one of THE festivals to attend every year, Jack Daniel’s decided to throw a warming up  event last week.
At the Chaplins salon and barbershop we could get a taste of the Jack Rocks festival vibe.

When we arrived we were immediately treated a Jack Daniels Whiskey – cola, YUM! 😉
The lovely people of the press agency also told us about the blogger-competition to win tickets for the Pukkelpop festival! Mission? Take a cool picture at the event and post it on instagram with #jackrocks.
Here’s the picture I chose to enter the competition:
It has that #jackrocks rock & roll kinda vibe, no? 😉 #thumbsup

Chaplins salon & babershop was actually an amazing choice of venue because the atmosphere in there is so right!
They have the coolest interior and you can find Jack Daniel’s attributes throughout the whole barbershop. Continue reading