fri-yay give away!


No better way to start the weekend than with a give away, right?!
Recently I discovered this cute webshop Balbi and the city.
I love her collection, we got in touch and joined forces to put together a lovely give away for you ladies!
Now you’re probably wondering: how can I win this beautiful jewelry-set?!
Go to this picture on my instagram and follow the instructions, maybe wednesday july 15th will be your lucky day 😉

Don’t forget to check out the Balbi and the city webshop, she’s also having sales!!
these are the items I got and I absolutely adore:
IMG_7398   IMG_7399
good luck – happy weekend
hartje miniEvy



Life is too short to wear boring clothes


This week I want to talk about another fashion-addiction of mine! Besides sneakers and pineapples I also adore “statement-fashion”.
Say what? Well you’ve definitely seen it everywhere you go: t-shirts, tops, sweaters, bags,… with a quote or a statement. Something funny, wise or a bit weird it’s all good! 🙂
This season (and I bet the next ones too) it’s all about who has the funniest, coolest, sweetest,… statement item.
I love the casual character, so combined with jeans and sneakers this makes the perfect outfit for me!
I like them the most in black and white (as you will notice), but honestly you can make a statement in any colour. 😉

These are a few statement items in my personal collection:
IMG_3237  IMG_3234
actors: Primark | Uptown funk: Primark | Damn kitty cat: h&m | Disney: Primark | No fool: h&m
IMG_3235  IMG_3233
Famous: h&m | Très happy: Even&Odd by Zalando | #lifeisaparty: Dimitri Wouters merchandise | Say it loud: Zara | Happiness: C&A | Chance: C&A
As a cat-lover, I simly needed to have these: Continue reading