baptism of my godchild Marie

Sunday june 14th 2015
❤ The baptism of my youngest godchild Marie ❤
My best friend in the whole wide world, Sofie, chose me to be the godmother of her 2nd daughter Marie.
For me this was the greatest, most beautiful honor she could give me!
Our little angel was born on October 19th 2014
IMG_5368 IMG_5065
So this sunday we celebrated her baptism. I’m a girl of traditions, so the baptism of Marie was very special to me!
For my outfit I chose to take my beautiful lace maxi skirt by Hollister out of the closet 😉
IMG_5592 IMG_5593
blazer & top: Zara | maxi skirt: Hollister | sandals: Primark
IMG_5602 IMG_5591
clutch: Primark | as for jewelry I only wore my favorite necklace from Jacqueline & Compote    Continue reading


It’s a love story… baby she said YES!


Saturday June 13th 2015
definitely a day Anissa, Nadine, me and all their family and friends won’t forget.
IMG_4981  IMG_4982
My dear colleague Anissa got married to the woman of her dreams Nadine. After the birth of their daughter Elena this dream wedding was the cherry on top of their beautiful love story!

My outfit:
IMG_4517 IMG_4516
dress: Closet by Zalando | sneakers: Stan Smith by Adidas
As you might already know, I’m one to break traditions so YES I was going to wear sneakers under that classy dress.
I personally think it matched very well 😉
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#lifeisaparty – by Dimitri Wouters


Life is a party! And if there’s one person who truly embodies this it’s Dimitri Wouters
Remember when I told you he was up to something? 😉
Finally the wait is over…

Well here it is: A very exclusive one week pop-up #lifeisaparty webshop!
Say what?! You can shop your very own #lifeisaparty t-shirt or sweater right now!
With the upcoming festival season (or just to wear it on a daily base) this is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe 😉
But hurry because when he says exclusive, he means exclusive… the pop-up webshop is online for only one week!
You have until wednesday june 17, 6PM to order your one of a kind, made with love, tee or sweater.

My personal favorites:
lifeisaparty_z_w049_st_trips_dark-heather-denim_0-440x600 lifeisaparty_1_heather-grey-440x600
lifeisaparty_z_w006_st_loves2_white_1-440x600 lifeisaparty_dark-heither-denim_1-440x600
If only I could order that guy as well… haha 😉  Continue reading

Hello summer, we’ve missed you!


I’ve been “out” this week due to serious neck-problems.
Although I’m still in pain, after a week of silence I really wanted to share my first summer outfit with you.
Yesterday was the first really hot day of the year. After laying down in bed for a few days I got up, got dressed and went to a family BBQ at my parents house. Since I can’t drive with my neck-problems my lovely parents came all the way here to pick me up! (aren’t they the sweetest?!)

So here are yesterday’s essentials:

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