Sia – This is acting

helloI think everyone knows Sia… or her music at least!
Sia is known for her amazing voice and not showing her face during performances.
She says it’s about the music and the feeling the music gives you, not about the artist itself.
And as much as I like to drool over Justin, Timberlake or Bieber (whatever you like 😉 ), I can understand what she means. She’s also a talented song-writer and wrote hits like Diamonds performed by Rihanna. Sia says she has seen what being a celebrity has done to other artists and that she wants to remain a certain sense of just being “normal”. By creating this mystery she can still go to the supermarket without people recognizing her.
Instead she created a brand. The blond wig is very recognizable and it can be used in many different ways… on an other woman, a man even a dog if it has to 😉
Kinda smart, don’t you think?
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Shut up and dance with me!

hellolast Saturday I was invited to go to the Walk The Moon concert at Trix (Antwerp)!
“Oh don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back,

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this song on repeat! 😀
So of course needless to say I was really excited about this invitation! To be honest I didn’t know any other songs of them… I decided I wanted to be surprised and so I didn’t go through YouTube researching. 😉
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#SonyMusicSanta – Get Weird!


This past holiday season Sony Music had something really fun in store for us bloggers!
#SonyMusicSanta was like an estafette, 30 albums were ready to be given away. But they weren’t just going to be handed out… One blogger got an album and had to choose one to give to another blogger, something like secret Santa 😉

Lucky me was surprised by the lovely miss Elfi de Bruyn from Glam At Heart!
She chose Little Mix – Get Weird for me, how did she now I LOVE Little Mix?!
I think the message behind this was pretty clear: get weird, stay weird 😉
I love Elfi and her happy vibes, she always manages to make me smile 🙂 So thanks again for this wonderful present babe!
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